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Baby Flash Cards app review: teach your baby the words for different things



Baby Flash Cards by eFlashApps, LLC is an education app designed to help you teach your baby, toddler, or preschooler the names of objects using a fun flash card app. If you feel your child learns well using this kind of application, then check it out.

Baby Flash Cards : 500+ Words


Get Ready To Flash

Baby Flash Cards has over 450 words that you and your child can learn. They are divided into different categories like food and drink, animals, alphabet, vehicles, numbers, colors, shapes, clothing, household furniture, body parts, outdoor and seasonal, and musical instruments. There is also a Review section that takes you to the App Store so you can leave a rating for the app.

When you select a category (for example, the food and drink one), you’re shown a photo of an object and a woman’s voice says what the item is. Her voice is very succinct and she pronounces the word well, so you know your child will learn word properly. The narrator’s voice is unaccented. The word is also in text at the top of the page.

One irritating thing about the app is that every time you launch it, you’re taken back to the very first screen. So if your child pushes the home button there’s no way to return to where he or she was.

The items are all taught in alphabetical order. 


How It Works

There is a Next button and a Previous button at the bottom of the page so you can go back or forward at your leisure. In between those two buttons is a Repeat button that will repeat the name of the item. You can repeat it as many times as you like.

Along the very bottom of the screen is an ad banner. People or kids with less dexterity might hit the ad by accident when touching the Previous, Repeat, or Next buttons. If this is a problem, you can upgrade to the ad-free version with the in-app purchase of $0.99.

One cool thing is that some of the flashcards also have sound effects. The animals, in particular, will play the sounds they make when the picture is shown. The photos are all really well done, too.

If you like, you can turn off the voice, set them to random order, turn the question mode on and off, and switch to Swipe mode. This is done on the Settings page.


Baby Flash Cards : 500+ Words


Pros and Cons


  • Lots of words to teach
  • Photos are very well done
  • Woman’s voice is clear and pronounces the words well
  • You can turn off the voice and say the word yourself
  • Question mode
  • Real sounds



  • The ads might get touched accidentally
  • It’s really annoying to have to start the app over from the beginning if you have to go out of it for any reason


Final Verdict

For all of the pros this app has, its major glaring fault is that it doesn’t remember your spot if you exit the app for any reason. It might only be a few seconds that it takes to get back to where you were, but who has time for that? I don’t want to have to wait through the intro and then scroll through 15 or 20 flash cards just to find my place. This is probably enough for me to not use the app. That’s too bad, though, because otherwise Baby Flash Cards is a great app.

Baby Flash Cards : 500+ Words

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