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23snaps app review: share those precious moments with family and friends-2020



23snaps app is a family-friendly app designed to help you share and enjoy the precious moments of your child’s life. Don’t post your hundreds of photos to Facebook, post them to the 23snaps photo album app!

23snaps photo sharing app has a free family album that allows you to collect photos, videos and stories of your child’s precious moments, and privately share them with your family and close friends.

Don’t worry if your family members don’t have iPhones or iPads – they can follow your updates on other mobile devices, from this family album app's official web site and by email!  See our best photo sharing apps list.

23snaps - Family Album


What It's All About

When you first launch the app you must log in, register, or log in with Facebook. I used the Facebook login and it was simple and fast. After that, you have the choice to create a profile for your child or children, or to connect to friends and family members on 23snaps.

If you click on the menu icon in the left top corner of your screen, you’ll see you have options there to move throughout the app. You can navigate to your news feed, see collections, see family and friends, add your kids, order books and prints, or go to your settings, among others.

Adding a child is simple: just input his or her first and last name, birth date, and gender. You can also add a profile photo. Once you’ve done that, you can choose a wallpaper background and then start! 

What It


Click on the icon in the top right corner of the page that lists your child’s name, and you’ll see four options: Photo, Video, Status, and Measure. This is a great way to keep track of your child’s growth!

Basically, this app becomes an online journal for you to track all of those special times, days, and events in your child’s life – without boring your childless friends to tears! Save Facebook for images of your meals or selfies, like everyone else.

You can invite friends and families to view your child’s profile, and they can even set it up to receive notifications when you post new content. They can then comment on status updates, photos, and videos. It’s really easy to stay close with friends and family, even if they’re not living in the same country. You’ll never miss out on those moments again.

Family album app also offers Premium Subscription with the extended list of options such as discounts on all print orders, post high quality HD videosup to 3 minutes long and unlimited photo album app storage for all your HD videos and photos, and priority support.

As of May 1, developers made it possible for you to create amazing photo books and prints of your favorite photos. You can have them printed as gifts, and send them off. You can ship books to any location in the world, and ship prints to anywhere in the U.S. or the U.K. Unfortunately, you cannot ship prints to Canada at this time. 

Features image

23snaps - Family Album


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to register or log in
  • Great place to keep all photos and status updates about your kids
  • Keep images of your children away from the public view and safe with family and friends
  • Order books and prints of your favorite photos


  • Can’t ship prints to Canada 

Pros and Cons image

Final Verdict

I think this is a great photo album app. I don’t have a problem with people posting baby or child photos to Facebook, but I know a lot of people complain that all they see is pictures of kids.

If you post a lot of photos of your kids, and want a safe and secure way to show them off to friends and family members, then you should definitely check out 23snaps. It’s totally free. 

23snaps - Family Album

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