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Seat Alerts app review: airplane seat monitoring and alerting 2021



Seat Alerts by is a booking flights app that helps frequent flyers get the best seats possible. Cleverly, this iPhone booking flights app will ask for money to set up some specific alerts like an exit row seat or two seats together, while the more basic alerts, like aisle or window seats, are free.

Besides from sending you alerts, it’s very hard to see what this booking flights app actually adds to your flying experience, as nowadays you can check in to your flight way beforehand anyway.

Let's dig deeper into this Seat alerts app for flight booking app review to see if it's one of the best apps to find cheap flights or if it fails to compare to the top booking flights apps for iPhone and iPad.

Seat Alerts


Setting Up An Alert

Before even starting to use the app, you need to create an account. This can be done by logging in via Facebook or creating an account via the app. You then have to click on a link sent to you by email; after this, you can start using the app.

The app will ask for basic flight information as in departure airport, destination airport, flight number, and date. After this the app will go searching and will come up with an up-to-date seat map of the plane you will be using to fly to your destination.

This can also be done on the website of the airline you are using, so I don’t really see the use of this, but there is more!

Setting Up An Alert image

Set up an alert for specific seats

The true usefulness of this app becomes clear when you want to set up an alert. You can only set up alerts for seats currently unavailable, and only in specific genres, like aisle seats and  window seats. You can also pay for specific  options, like a specific seat or an exit row seat, which costs $0.99.

Anyone who flies only once in a while will find this app completely unnecessary, but anyone who flies once or twice a week for longer distances might be interested to pay for these options in order to get hat extra bit of comfort during a long and uncomfortable commute.

Even though the most useful options in this app are paid for, every page still has ads on it, which I find unacceptable. It's also unpleasant that the developers haven't updated this app in three years.

Set up an alert for specific seats image

Seat Alerts


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Nicely designed
  • Get alerts when seats are made available
  • Only common seats are free


  • Pay for premium or specific seat alerts
  • You have to create a profile, resulting in spam and/ or junk mail
  • Ads on every page, even though most useful options are paid for

Pros and Cons image


Seat Alerts - Airplane Seat Monitoring and Alerting is not an app I would recommend to just anyone. Probably only business people who travel the world weekly will be interested in this app, likely.

I think the paid for options are the only useful ones and the free ones are only useful if you booked a flight very late.The app is compatible both with iPad and iPhone.

Seat Alerts

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