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City Maps 2Go app review: a one-time fee to get all the maps you want 2021



City Maps 2Go, by the German developer Ulmon GmbH is an iPhone maps app that delivers fully interactive city maps all over the world straight to your device.

They also claim that everything is 100% offline and that no data roaming or WiFi are required and that this includes unlimited Wikipedia travel guide downloads.

This maps app is designed for both iPad and iPhone and is about 14 MB in size. That is of course without all the maps, so make sure WiFi is available when you prepare for your trip.

Let’s find out if this good maps app for iPhone and iPad can deliver on its big promises as we dive deeper through our City Maps 2Go app review.

CityMaps2Go Pro Offline Maps


One of the many promises not delivered on

I start searching for maps around me (which is a clever option from the app) and it comes up with a few maps where I am, and a few with a distance between myself and the map mentioned.

When clicking on the map of the area I’m in now, it comes up with “You have 2 FREE map downloads left”. Wait a second. I was promised unlimited interactive offline map downloads, and now I find out I only have two?!

And I obviously need WiFi to download them. I am not sure which of the other promises this app makes I should believe. After using my other free map download I quickly find out I need to invite friends to get more downloads.

One of the many promises not delivered on image

Map details, interactivity and other options

Playing around with the two maps I downloaded, I quickly found out these maps are very detailed and up to date. All the roads that you would expect on a map like this are there.

You can find all kinds of things nearby, like hotels and restaurants, while some hotspots on the map also have instant Wikipedia entries available. You can easily create bookmarks, To Do lists and notes, as well as drop pins on the maps to create your own notes right there and then.

The app is also linked up to, where you can instantly book a hotel via the app. You can start your own friends list and share all kinds of map and travel information with fellow users.

The app loads relatively fast, but zooming in and out can take a while. Considering it’s just loading from your device, and not from the Internet, it’s quite surprising.

Map details, interactivity and other options image

CityMaps2Go Pro Offline Maps


Pros and Cons


  • Over 6700 maps to choose from
  • Detailed information and maps
  • Offline available
  • Maps for iPad and iPhone


  • Promises made but not kept
  • Invite (Annoy) friends to get more map downloads
  • Not the fastest app in the world

Pros and Cons image


I would recommend this app, but please link up with me so I can get some more maps. It’s ideal to have maps available to you offline, especially when outside 3G/WiFi areas. All the extra features the app has to offer are nice, but not necessary, the maps are where the beef is. 

CityMaps2Go Pro Offline Maps

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