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Alaska Airlines app review: book flights, manage reservations, view flight schedules, and more 2021



This is the official Alaska Airlines app which offers a fully-featured collection of tools to help you more effectively and efficiently manage your flight schedules. It tracks down the flights you need and allows you to manage your account from directly within the iPhone booking flights app.

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Those of you who frequently fly with Alaska Airlines will definitely want to download this booking flights app because it really is a lot of help and is far more convenient than having to visit the website.

I really like how you can set up push notifications to alert you of flight changes, check-in openings, and more. But, will it be one of the best apps for booking flights amongst major carriers? Keep reading our Alaska Airlines app review to find out.

Alaska Airlines


Flying High

Airline apps are always a bit hit-and-miss, so I definitely approached this one with a teeny bit of apprehension.

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Despite my initial hesitance, I haven’t been too disappointed with Alaska Airlines, even if the design is a little on the clunky side.

I think simply being able to search for and book flights, manage reservations, and view up-to-date flight statuses is going to make this app more than worthwhile for many Alaska Airlines customers, and being able to view your Mileage Plan balance makes it even more handy to have on your iPhone.

Flying High image

Options and Features

Possibly the most useful feature of this app is being able create a mobile boarding pass and have it scanned digitally at your departure gate by using Passbook; this is a pretty standard feature for airlines and event organizers nowadays but it’s already reassuring to see its inclusion.

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If I’m being really picky, I’d have to say that the user interface looks a little amateurish and I would hope for something somewhat more streamlined in an official airline app. Overall though, I'm pleased with how the app runs and it does appear to have been very well-developed in the most important areas.

Options and Features image

Alaska Airlines


Pros and Cons


  • Search for and book flights
  • Manage your reservations
  • Access your Mileage Plan balance
  • Create a mobile boarding pass for use at the departure gate with Passbook


  • User interface could do with a visual overhaul but there are no problems with functionality and stability

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Having this app is obviously going to be a no-brainer for frequent flyers who often use Alaska Airlines. I can definitely assure you that I’m happy with the way it runs, even if it isn’t the most visually impressive app I’ve ever used.

I would like to also note that the Contact Us section is very expansive and contains the contact telephone numbers for pretty much any enquiry you might have, from reservation issues to lost baggage. This means you’ll very quickly be put down the right channel rather than speaking to a clueless rep in a call center.

The Alaska Airlines app has been designed for a simple purpose and I think it achieves this perfectly, so make sure you download it and register your account details before your next flight so you can take advantage of the flight tracking features.

Alaska Airlines

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