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THE Football app app review: the most comprehensive app for everything football?



The football (soccer) season has kicked off again this weekend in most countries where this sport lives. I couldn’t find a better time to pick this app for review. Created by the German-based motain GmbH & Co. KG, THE Football app is a live sports app which follows all the scores and statistics for every match live through the magic of the Internet.

In addition to this, it hold all the information on every team, coach, player, and news items on every team in over 100 different football leagues all over the world.

Onefootball - Soccer News


Live Highlights and Stats

During any match, the app will update itself with all kinds of information. Most matches will have a live ticker that will go into a lot of detail about the match and its events. Everything from offsides, throw-ins, fouls, and of course, goals, are described in detail and come in with every refresh. 

A simple tap on one of the options in the bottom will give you an updated league table or an overview of all the statistics per team. Click on a player and get to see his age, birthday, nationality, and height and weight, as well as a photo in most cases. Individual player statistics are even available for the more in-depth player analysis.

Live Highlights and Stats image

News and Videos

In addition to all the football goodness mentioned in the previous paragraph, the app also sports its own news page with the latest football news from all over the world. This news can be sorted by league (weirdly enough only the German and Italian leagues), or just by world news. The app also supports video, and when navigating to that page, a host of fresh videos will await you for your viewing pleasure. These videos range from summaries of matches to interviews with players and managers. Videos do take a while to load. Most of the app is customizable if, like me, you want to have just the information you want to be updated about.

From the preferences screen you can also track the latest app updates, share this app with friends, and like it on Facebook. Push notifications for your favorite club can also be set here.

To unlock the app from ads, you need to pay $3.99.

News and Videos image

Onefootball - Soccer News


Pros and Cons


  • A lot of teams and leagues
  • In-depth statistics of almost everything football
  • Live ticker 
  • Sports streaming app for match highlights 


  • Very Germany-oriented
  • Videos take ages to load

Pros and Cons image


This app will not leave my iPad for this season until there is a local app for my favorite team. All the info gets updates every so often and it’s in-depth and has all the statistics I want to read about. As a real football fan, I can absolutely recommend this app , which is only 15 MB and compatible with iPhone and iPad. It’s no surprise this app already had over eight million downloads.

Onefootball - Soccer News

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