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Sport Scores and Alerts app review: keep track of your team’s ups and downs 2021



Sport Scores and Alerts livescore app by Luno Software Inc. is a live sports app created by sports fans for sports fans. Within this app you can get live score updates for the MLB, the NFL, the NCAA football and basketball, the NBA, the NHL, the MLS, and the WNBA.

With this real time sports scores app you can set alerts that will show up when a certain event in a match happens, or when the starting line-ups are made available. It's becoming one of the best sports cores apps for iOS. 

Continue reading our app review to see if this is the best sports score app for iPhone that meets your needs. 

Sports Alerts


Live Highlights and Stats

Every sports fan loves stats and this app has quite a lot to offer. It shows individual statistics for every player in the match as well as live scores for every team. For the NFL it even shows on which line the ball is at the moment and it shows for every match on which TV channel the match is playing.

You can set the app to refresh as much as you want, with the highest rate being every 10 seconds. The app also tracks each team, with all the stats, match fixtures, and if possible, a roster. League stats are also tracked, with detailed information for each sport. 

Live Highlights and Stats image

Import your Fantasty Sports Team and Add Alerts

One of the best features of this app is the option to import your Fantasy Team from ESPN or Yahoo! so you can see all your team’s stats in one place. Here you can also set up alerts, just as easy as it is for match statistics.

In the free version of this app, you can set a limited amount of only ten alerts, but if you choose to import your team, you would probably want more than ten. This would cost you $0.99 and you can then set as many alerts as you want for 30 days. This gets more pricey when you want it for longer.

You can customize alert sounds by buying an NCAA sound pack which is then used for your alerts.

Import your Fantasty Sports Team and Add Alerts image

Sports Alerts


Pros and Cons


  • Quick refresh rate
  • Tons of statistics
  • Easily configurable


  • Expensive in-app purchases
  • Only U.S.-based teams

Pros and Cons image


Sports Scores and Alerts is a really good app for what it does. It covers a whole lot of ground with all the different sports and still offers a lot of depth in the statistics covered. Being able to import your fantasy team is a really nice addition, as it then basically gathers all the stats for you.

It’s a shame that this sports streaming app only covers sports from the United States, as I would have loved to see Canadian or European sports teams in here as well. There are tons of customization settings within the app, with some more useful than others, but the in-app purchases are way overpriced.

All in all this app should be on every sports fan’s iPad or iPhone, as this app is designed for both platforms.

Sports Alerts

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