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Sports Trivia app review: a great way to keep all your sports knowledge up-to-date!



Sports Trivia by Brainscape is not exactly what I expected. This app is not so much a test of your sports knowledge but more a trainer. The app works very similarly to the language-learning apps from the same developer and it strikes me a bit weird. If you are a massive sports buff, you would already know all the trivia, right? Anyway, Sports Trivia uses the Brainscape learning platform developed by experts researchers from Columbia, Yale, MIT, and The Princeton Review.

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Are Your Friends Better at Sports Trivia?

I can imagine that it can be quite annoying when you’re standing around in a bar watching a match of your favorite sport while one of your friends knows everything about the game while you only know the basic rules and a few recent sports facts. This app can prepare you for such a situation and will make your brain ready for any sports test by your friends. This knowledge will also come in very handy for any pub quiz you might enter, or to have a few good facts ready while having a beer with your friends! 


How Does It Work? Will It Help Me Know More About Sports?

Sport Trivia uses over 2500 flash cards to train your brain into knowing everything about sports. Each sport has its own main category and within that are many subcategories. The trivia is available for the following leagues and sports NBA (Basketball), NFL (American Football), MLB (Baseball), NHL (Hockey) and the EFL (English Football League).

You can study to your heart’s content in the first three days, but after that you will have to pay for the content. This will set you back $2.99, which is easily worth the 2500 flash cards used in this app. You can rate your knowledge yourself: the lower your rating, the more often your flashcard will turn up.


Learn Sports Trivia


Pros and Cons


  • Loads of facts
  • Five different sports
  • Three days free usage



  • Studying sports trivia sounds like a bit of a waste of time



I expected to get a quiz-like game when I downloaded this app, but since I found it in the Sports section I wasn’t expecting a very good one. It turns out that this flash card-based studying tool is as far away from a game as I expected. Studying with this tool actually is good fun and a great way to expand your trivia knowledge about sports.

I feel, though, if you are such a big fan, you would already know most of these facts. To be honest, if you are investing so much time in this kind of studying, why not learn a language? The same company offers loads of language learning apps that use the exact same method. Upgrading this app to unlimited use is not that expensive and feels about right. The app is compatible with both iPad and iPhone.

Learn Sports Trivia

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