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SnapShot Postcard app review: create and send your own personal postcards 2021



SnapShot Postcard by NSN Solutions is a photo postcard app created to keep those special travel memories alive by allowing you to send a photo that you have made as a real postcard to a real mailbox.

There's none of that 21st century digital mumbo jumbo; the only thing you need is a postal address and this send a postcard app on your iPhone or iPad and your card will be on its way! The first postcard you send is completely free (to addresses in the United States).

Check out our Snapshot postcard app review for more details on this offering and to see if it's one of the best apps for sending postcards

Postcard App by SnapShot


Creating and Sending a Postcard

You can create and send a postcard in four easy steps. First you need to choose or take a photo. This can be done at the very moment or by choosing one from your Camera Roll. You then need to edit it in any way (crop the photo or zoom in), and add the text and address to the back of the card.

You can also write captions on the front of the card if you want to. The app also comes with a ton of pre-loaded card templates for each and every occasion, as well as a whole array of different borders.

You then just need to press send and the company behind the app will print the card and send it for you. Postcards within the United States cost one credit, while any cards outside the United States to anywhere in the world will cost two credits.

Each credit can be purchased for $1.99 by using a credit card or PayPal.

Creating and Sending a Postcard image

This is the Way a Free App Should Be

This app does not have any ads, but instead, charges you for a service. Two bucks for sending a postcard is a bit on the pricey side, as you can easily do this cheaper from anywhere in the world.

One of my favorite part of receiving a post card is when I can see it actually comes from another country. This one will just be from the States, no matter where you are when you order it.

There are no hidden fees or any catches, which is exactly the way a free service app should be.

This is the Way a Free App Should Be image

Postcard App by SnapShot


Pros and Cons


  • Really easy to use
  • Loads of different pre-loaded templates and borders to choose from
  • Your first postcard is completely free


  • You need an account to use this app
  • It’s a bit pricey to send a postcard this way
  • All postcards will come from the States

Pros and Cons image


This is a very clever app. I would like to see something similar where you can also pick the country of origin, and then I would give this app the highest recommendation.

You can try this app out for free by making an account and sending one postcards free of charge. Any other cards are a bit pricey to send, but it saves you a lot of running around and you can pick your own photo. 

Postcard App by SnapShot

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