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Call of Mini: Zombies app review: survive the zombie apocalypse in a cute pixelated world 2021



Call of Mini: Zombies by Trinity Interactive Limited is completely the opposite of what I expected from the developer of Mini Warriors, a zombie game app that I reviewed a few days ago.

While the last game was a very boring zombie strategy game where you basically sit back and watch, here you have to keep your wits and your guns on you as you’ll be swarmed by zombies!

In Third-Person Mode, you will be aiming and shooting at zombies trying to attack you from all directions while you try and keep your health intact in a beautifully pixelated world. It's one of the awesome zombie games that I've reviewed. You'll see why in our Call of Mini Zombies app review. 

Call of Mini™ Zombies


Where You Go and What You Do

Call of Mini: Zombies, an obvious pun on the famous Call of Duty series, is a third-person shooter set in a pixellated world. You start the game with some simple objectives, getting you used to the controls.

You have to move to the highlighted point, look at the highlighted crate, and shoot the same crate. Then the zombies appear: first a few, but within seconds you’ll be swarmed by zombies coming from everywhere!

I didn’t have a clue what to do, so I just explored the level leaving rotting zombie corpses behind in my wake. After a few minutes my objective became clear, as the game said it was the end of Day 1.

Simple survival was the key here, but is that the only thing the game has to offer?

Where You Go and What You Do image

Multiple Other Game Modes

Call of Mini: Zombies has a lot of other game modes to offer. There is a versus mode, where you can go head-to-head against your friends, or the elusive Dino Hunter mode.

Every five days, a Boss Battle gets unlocked, putting you up against a huge zombie boss!  This is yet another in the long list of free-to-play games, so if you want to unlock different weapons, maps or items, you will need to come back and play this game a lot.

Otherwise, you can simply dish out some cash and unlock these features straight away.

The game has 14 maps, 21 weapons, 17 different zombie types and 16 playable characters, each with their own different traits and weaknesses.

Multiple Other Game Modes image

Call of Mini™ Zombies


Pros and Cons


  • Great visual style
  • Fluid and fun gameplay
  • Tons of content


  • Most of the content is locked on the first day
  • Playing over and over again to unlock features can get a bit dull

Pros and Cons image


Call of Mini: Zombies is a really fun survival third-person shooter with some fun surprises and great gameplay. Shooting zombies hasn’t been this fun in a long while, and doing it together with your friends only adds to the fun!

The app is designed for both iPad and iPhone and requires 115 MB. If you are patient enough to come back every day and play a lot to unlock all the features, it will be a great experience.

Call of Mini™ Zombies

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