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News360 app review: a build-your-own news feed app with tons of content



News360 by the company of the same name is an app to access news personalized by you. The app comes with a handy tutorial option and has so many categories there is enough material for anyone. This news reader is designed to make finding news about your interests easy and it shows. The layout of the app has been thoroughly thought-out, and has a self-learning ability, meaning that the app will get smarter the more you use it. The app weighs takes up around 35 MB of space, which is quite a lot, but you’ll get a beautiful and easy news reader personalized for your interests.

News360: Your Personalized News Reader


What Makes This App Stand Out

First of all, content is the key, and this app seems to understand that perfectly. Having access to multiple news suppliers per category, and multiple sub-categories, is extremely helpful and makes personalizing the app a lot easier. If you don’t like an article, just give it a thumbs down, and you then get the option to mute a media outlet completely. You get 36 different categories to pick from, each with multiple, editable sub-categories.

You can also search for a subject to add, but this simply allows you to select a filter that is pre-set for that specific subject. The interface is very clever too. It looks like the news story is written on a cube. Simply swipe up and you will get a preview of the story; swipe down to see the feedback option and sharing functions.


Reading and Sharing Made Easy

When you want to read an article, simply tap the cube and it loads in the article with the original website to the right. You can share news stories easily with Twitter, Facebook, Google +, or email. Even easier is to tap the Broadcast icon, which shares the news article automatically on all your chosen social networks. You can easily save articles for later reading as well, by using Evernote, Instapaper, or Pocket. Tons of other options are available, all within the settings menu. After you’ve used the app enough, you will earn stars. With 20 stars you will have a fully customized news reader that will give you news by selecting exactly what you want.


News360: Your Personalized News Reader


Pros and Cons


  • A very smart news reader that changes content by tracking how you use it
  • Beautiful design and easy to use
  • Tons of sharing and saving functions



  • It takes a while before the app is exactly fine-tuned on your usage



News360 is by far the best news reader I have seem on the App Store so far. There are no ads, and it’s completely free. The self customization the app offers is unrivaled by any other app and it happens without you knowing it (although you have a hand in it in the initial set-up and by liking or disliking news articles). The app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

News360: Your Personalized News Reader

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