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Museums of the World app review-an extensive database of museum info



Museums of the World by Semantika is an app that has a place on any art or history lovers’ device. It is an extensive collection of information about museums all over the world. It holds info about collections, exhibitions, activities, events and much more! You can set favorites, see what’s new in the world of museums and you can see all museums on a map. Some information displays in the language of where the museum is based, which can be quite confusing, but also handy for locals who are using this app.

Museums of the World


Museums, Exhibitions, and Art Galleries

As mentioned before, this app holds tons of information. There is a search function, which helps you find either different artists or museums per location. When you’ve found a museum of your liking, you can add it to your favorites, meaning you can always call the info page of that museum up easily from the home page. To use this function, you need to log in, which you can do via the app, or using Facebook or Twitter. The app doesn’t have a tutorial function, which is sorely missed as the icons used are not speaking for themselves as the developer probably thought. In the What’s New section you can get news sorted by different subjects, like location (more about that in a minute), news with movies, or modern art.


The Museum Map

As I am kind of a Map geek, this is by far my favorite part of the app. As in most app maps, you can use your location to find museums close by. This map has another feature too, which I think is really cool: You can select a different location as “my location” and the app will search for museums around that very location. If the app  doesn’t show any museums near you, just zoom out, as it will select the ones closest to you, not just ones directly in your vicinity. Again, here you can filter your selection by different genres of museums, exhibitions, and events.


Museums of the World


Pros and Cons


  • Museums from all over the world
  • The map is a glorious addition
  • Easy to use and well designed
  • Fantastic for art fans and travelers alike



  • Not every icon is as clear as the other one.
  • Some museums are described in the mother language of the nation in which it is based



Museums of the World is a must-have app for anyone into art, history, or anything else to do with museums. If you’re a traveler, make sure you have this app with you as it will handily list every museum or exhibition around you. With a fantastic map function, a search function, and daily updates on what is happening where, this app should be on every iPad or iPhone owned by a traveler or museum goer. The app only requires around 16 MB of storage space. This will definitely add tons of culture to your life!

Museums of the World

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