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AroundMe app review: find all kinds of amenities around you, anywhere! 2021



AroundMe by Attorno A Me a very simple iPhone local places app that delivers exactly what it promises. Simply allow the app to use your location and a list of all kinds of different amenities will appear. 

These ammenities will include all kinds of information on everything around you, like a restaurant's menu, contact details, and exact location on a nice and easy-to-use map.

Since this local places app is designed both for iPhone and iPad, you can use this finder anywhere, even if you’re in the middle of nowhere and want to know if whatever you need is around you.

Keep reading our AroundMe app review to see why it's one of the best local places apps for iPhone and iPad devices.



The Search Functions Don't Stop Here!

In addition to having an amazing app that finds all kinds of businesses for you, this app allows you to search for tons of other stuff. Tourist hot spots, bars, banks, malls, you name it, and this app will find it.

Even if you’re in need of a drugstore or a hospital, this app will show you exactly where the nearest one is located. It's easy to work: just tap on a category, and a list will come up with all the different subject of your search and their distance away from you.

Tap on them again, and the address and other info will come up. Here you can then get directions or look at the location on a map.

The app also features an email function so that you can send to your friends or family exactly where you are or information on where you want to go!

The Search Functions Don

Tourist Information and Wikipedia Links

The one thing that really excites me about this app is that you can easily see what tourist hotspots are around you. The app has direct links to the Wikipedia pages for these hotspots, so you can instantly see if this is a location you would like to visit. This is particularly handy in big cities; with map support, you will see exactly where you need to go. 

There is also the opportunity to upgrade the app for $2.99, which does nothing else but make the app free of ads. These ads are nowhere near as annoying as in some other apps, so I don’t think this is worth the three dollars the developer wants.

Tourist Information and Wikipedia Links image



Pros and Cons


  • Tourist hotspot information ready at you wish
  • Chock-full of content
  • Map and directions
  • Email sharing function is really handy


  • Could have more some details on some restaurants
  • Upgrading to ad-free is pretty expensive

Pros and Cons image


This app gets two thumbs up from me. Anything you need is instantly to be found with this app. In addition to finding all kinds of tourist information around you, you can just as easily find gourmet restaurants with this app as you can find a McDonald’s.

Especially if you’re in an area unknown to you, this app can be a true lifesaver. Go download this app now if you know what’s good for you!



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