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Radiant Defense app review: a beautiful and clever tower defense game



Radiant Defense combines the mechanics of tower defense as we know it and allows you to use building blocks on which you can build towers, to create new paths for the ever growing invasion of aliens through which to travel. The aliens arrive via a vortex and will travel the quickest and most logical path to your home base. Graphically, this game stands out as it uses quite psychedelic graphics to breathe life into this world.

Radiant Defense


Setting Up Your Defenses

Using really easy and intuitive tap controls, you will start each level building a path with the modules you receive at the start of each level. You can also remove modules and place them somewhere else on the map if you believe you can make it work on your advantage. Then you use the starting amount of money to place some towers beside the path that the aliens will invade from and hope your towers are powerful enough to kill the oncoming waves of aliens.

Each alien you kill will give you a small amount of money to invest in new towers while you play, or after each wave, when the game pauses. Each wave will have stronger aliens and you will have to make sure you kill as many as you can, as every alien you let pass will take one of your valuable ten lives.


Upgrading Towers and Researching New Technologies

At the start of each level, you will only have access to three different towers. To gain access to more towers, you will need to build a research center. This will grant you access to tons of different new towers, but the price that comes with the building of this research center will force you to make a strategic decision. Will you open your defenses up to give you access to more powerful towers later, or will you just keep upgrading the three basic tower types in the hope they will hold against the more powerful growing alien invasion?

The most powerful tower types are only available via upgrades bought via in-app purchase. These upgrades will set you back $0.99 each.


Radiant Defense


Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Interesting fusion of concepts
  • Great enemy design



  • The game forces you with difficulty to buy the most powerful towers



Radiant Defense is definitely one of the best tower defense games I have played recently. The graphics are beautiful and the merge of different concepts is really well done. Tons of different towers and enemy types keep this game interesting. The later levels are very difficult, forcing you to buy new towers, but the best strategists out there will be able to finish the game without any of those towers. The app is compatible with both iPad and iPhone and will keep you busy for a very long time. If you like tower defense games, give this one a go!

Radiant Defense

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