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Orbose app review: create your very own app with no coding experience necessary



This is a truly innovative app which enables you to log into the Orbose website and design apps from within your web browser before reviewing them in a real-time simulation from your iPhone. If you’ve got some ideas floating around for a great app, now is your chance to put your money where your mouth is!

I’ve been very excited to take this app for a test spin because having reviewed so many apps, I’m always coming up with great ideas for improvements to certain genres.

I doubt I’ll ever become a fully fledged developer myself but it certainly is a lot of fun to see what I can come up with, and Orbose makes it incredibly easy to do that without the need for any kind of coding experience - which I most certainly do not possess!



Easily Design Your Own Apps

I should probably begin this review by stating that the functionality of this app is going to depend entirely upon how you design your app within the Orbose website.

This is purely a platform for testing apps you’ve created through your computer’s web browser but let me tell you, this is an incredible service which I really can’t believe is being offered for free, so I strongly recommend checking it out.

The user interface you’ll use to create your apps is very clearly laid-out and enables you to adjust the visual theme of your app, add various pages and widgets, and even publish your app to the App Store once you’re happy with it.


Bring Your Ideas to Life With Ease

There are loads of features you can add to your app, such as Request Appointment, Products for e-commerce, YouTube video streaming, Blogger integration, and even an HTML editor which will appeal to the more code-friendly amongst you.

You’ll also have a lot of freedom in terms of the visual elements of your app, and you can choose from pre-set color schemes or create your own. You can even use the online Orbose interface to send push notifications to all devices which currently have your app installed on them.

This is very exciting and should pave the way for some interesting new app developments in the long-term!




Pros and Cons


  • Use the Orbose web-based interface to design your own apps with no coding experience necessary
  • HTML editor enables more experienced users to add their own custom features
  • Preview your apps in real-time through the Orbose app
  • Seemingly endless functionality with a great deal of freedom over the visual design
  • Publish your apps to the App Store from within the Orbose interface



  • I wish an app like this would have been designed sooner!


Final Words

As someone who reviews apps on a daily basis, it’s very interesting to step outside the box, so to speak, and look at an app creation app.

I really love how easy it is to preview your creations from within this app, and even if you don’t want to publish what you develop, you could just throw together some tools which might be useful for your personal or professional life.

Either way, I would definitely suggest taking a look at Orbose, because personally, I think it’s fantastic!


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Mark is an opinionated writer who loves to review apps. In 2012, he started reviewing Apple apps on a regular basis and wonders how he survived up to that point without these apps.