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iTip app review: never be confused about how much to leave again 2021



iTip is an iPhone app for calculating tips and is perfect for people who have found themselves wondering what the proper amount is to tip their server.

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When you receive great service and you want to express your gratitude with a tip, the question of “how much should I leave” always seems to pop up. Don’t worry about trying to figure it out; just leave it to iTip the iPhone app for working out how much tip to give. 

Some users claim that it's one of the best iPhone apps for tipping. After reading out iTip app review, let us know what you think. 

iTip Calc by PalaSoftware


Fast and Simple Tipping

There is no need for tipping to be a long drawn-out process where you’re trying to calculate the numbers in your head. With this app all you have to do is enter in the bill total and then select your parameters.

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Set whatever percent you like as a tip amount and then you’ll see not just how much that will total in dollars but also the grand total of your bill (bill plus tip).

What I really appreciated was the feature that allowed you to split the bill. This was great for that night out with friends when the bill comes and you want to split it amongst yourselves. The app is able to calculate each person’s share with tip included.

Fast and Simple Tipping image

Great for Work

Where this app comes in handy again is for those people who have lunches, dinners, drinks, and coffees that will be expensed to work.

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The app offers you the ability to send an email that shows the bill amount, tip amount, and grand total all broken down. Send it to your account or to your payroll representative to keep track of what you’ve spent.

There are ads included in the free version which can be removed for $0.99. Personally I didn't find the ads interfered with anything at all so I wouldn't bother to spend the money on this in-app purchase.

The app has very few extra features, which to me was a good thing. It was about keeping things simple and basic so you could quickly figure out how much to tip.

There are a few extra features such as the ability to: turn the tax fields on or off, use qualitative tipping, change the color of the screen, and use a standard keyboard.

Great for Work image

iTip Calc by PalaSoftware


Pros and Cons


  • Basic and simple features that require no instructions to use
  • Launch the app and you can enter in your bill total right away with no need to scroll through menus
  • Calculations are instant
  • The ability to calculate bills and tips split among a specified number of people
  • Specify the percentage you want to tip


  • It may be too basic for some people
  • There are ads

Pros and Cons image

Final words

For me this was a fantastic app. I think what I actually appreciated the most was how simple this app is to use. There are so many apps that can perform the same task but many of them have you scrolling through multiple menus and entering all kinds of information.

This is fast and easy so that you can quickly figure out exactly how much to leave your server. I know iTip is an app I’ll be using on a regular basis.

iTip Calc by PalaSoftware

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