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Easy Taxi App app review: request a taxi the smart way by using GPS 2021



Next time you need to order a taxi, all you need to do is use Easy Taxi App to determine your current location, and just a few taps later your ride will be well on its way.

This service is completely free and the taxi meter will only start running once you step aboard and start your journey. Easy Taxi is an iPhone taxi app that's featured on our list of the Best taxi apps for the iPhone

I’m very impressed with how easy this taxi app is to use. I don’t personally have much of a use for taxis; however, I’ve shared Easy Taxi App with a couple of friends who do and they both gave me some very positive feedback so I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Keep reading this Easy Taxi App app review to see why recommend checking out this good taxi app for iPhone and iPad users. 

Easy Taxi, a Cabify app


Hail a Taxi With the Tap of a Button!

Upon starting up this app for the first time, you’ll be presented with your current location using your device’s built-in GPS. Once your location has been established, the Request taxi button will turn green and you can tap it to start entering details to request your ride.

Once you get to the Request taxi screen, all you have to do is input the address you’re traveling from along with a door number if relevant. You can also type in a reference which can be useful for if you’re not at home and need to be picked up from a public place.

If the address you’re traveling from is your home or is somewhere you regularly frequent, you can hit the Favorite address button to add it to, you guessed it, your Favorite addresses list.

Hail a Taxi With the Tap of a Button! image

No Cash? Pay for Your Taxi In-App!

Another cool feature enables you to pay from within the app by using your credit card.

I’m glad the developer has included this because it means you won’t have to carry extra cash with you and you get to avoid the awkward moment at the end of your ride when your driver gives you the puppy dog eyes and expects a hefty tip!

All in all, this is a very effective app for ordering taxis, and everything is laid out in a wonderfully clear and concise way which makes a lot of sense.

I would definitely recommend Easy Taxi App to any of you who frequently use taxis.

No Cash? Pay for Your Taxi In-App! image

Easy Taxi, a Cabify app


Pros and Cons


  • Utilize GPS to determine your current location and request a taxi
  • Add specific reference notes to make sure your driver can easily find you
  • Pay for your ride from within the app
  • Add frequently used addresses to your Favorite addresses list


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

I’m always apprehensive when it comes to ordering things like food, taxis, or other delivered items through an app. Perhaps it’s because of previous bad experiences but I usually prefer to just give the company a call and speak to someone.

Having said that, Easy Taxi App appears to provide a very reliable and effective service and the interface is designed in a way which is very streamlined and makes the process far easier than I would have anticipated.

Easy Taxi, a Cabify app

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