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iVibe Massager Lite app review: turn your iPhone into a vibrating massage tool-2020



As you’ve probably gathered from the name, iVibe Massager Lite is an app which makes clever use of your device’s integrated vibration function to turn it into a fully-fledged vibrating massage tool, helping you to relax muscles and alleviate stress.

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iVibe massage app is one of the first vibrating apps in the app store. With over one million downloads on iOS and popular media coverage in Jezebel and Cosmopolitan, you too should try this vibrating massage app.

To be honest, I really don’t think the vibration of the iPhone is nearly powerful enough to have any kind of pronounced effect, but some people do seem to be having a good time using this app and the interface itself is very well designed so I think iVibe Massager Lite does show some promise!

iVibe Massager Lite



The developer claims that vibrations can help to remove cellulite and wrinkles while stimulating hair growth, but the jury is out on that in my mind.

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I’ve had a couple of friends play around with iVibe Massager Lite over the past few days so that I could make a somewhat more objective judgment and the feedback does seem quite positive so far.

Once you start up this app, all you need to do to get it vibrating is simply tap the screen. If you take a look at the Settings menu you’ll also see that you can adjust the screen brightness and toggle Full Speed on and off.

With massage vibrating app you can choose your own vibration from ten built in vibrator settings and more coming soon. It's the perfect massaging app for relaxing, soothing yourself to sleep and massaging your body or neck. Upgrading to the full version of this app will also give you different vibration modes, including Fast Pulse, Slow Pulse, and Random Pulse.

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Buzz Off!

Those of you who want to use this app for, shall we say, more personal applications, will be glad to know that you can also protect it with a password. You can also enable Screen Lock from this menu so that you won’t inadvertently change the vibration settings while using the app.

One small flaw I found a little annoying was that once you start the vibration, it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to cancel it without exiting and restarting the app.

I imagine that this is to prevent you from accidentally switching it off during use but I would have thought the Screen Lock feature would remedy this.

Buzz Off! image

iVibe Massager Lite


Pros and Cons


  • Turn your iPhone into a vibrating massage tool
  • Password-protect the app for extra security
  • Adjust screen brightness
  • Enable Screen Lock so that you don’t accidentally change the vibration settings during use


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Simply put, I think this app hits the spot nicely.

If you’re looking for a hardcore massage implement then you’re probably going to need something a little more robust than an iPhone, but if you just want a more gentle vibrating massage tool then I think iVibe Massager Lite will probably make you very happy indeed!

I’d suggest checking it out to see for yourself if it suits your needs.

iVibe Massager Lite

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