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work in shifts? app review: track your shifts and keep them organized



This app has been designed for those people who are shift workers and want to be able to track their shifts in an easy and quick way. You’ll be able to input your shifts as they happen, in advance, or even enter in previous shifts to your calendar.

Shift Planning Calendar - Work Schedule of Shift Worker Job & Salary Calculator


Quick, Easy Input

It’s clear right from the launch of work in shifts? that this app is all about easy and quick input of your shifts. There is nothing confusing, there aren’t a ton of steps involved; simply tap on the day and choose what shift you worked. Your options are day, swing, graveyard, early, or late. Each shift is represented by a picture icon that will be placed on that day in the calendar.

The first thing you see when you launch the app is your calendar, which means you’ll get a very clear view of your month immediately. While the app appears to be very simple when you first look at it, you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised at all the hidden treasures you’ll find as you explore.

One thing to keep in mind: this is the free version and you are given 60 days to try it out. After this point if you want to keep using the app you’ll need to purchase the full version. I like this process because 60 days gives you an ample amount of time to decide if it’s something you want to keep using.


Loaded with Extra Features

As stated don’t let your first impression of this app fool you because there is a lot more than just adding what shift you worked on a particular day. You can view months past and upcoming, you can add text notes to each day/shift, you can view your own personal shift pattern that allows you to specify the start and finish time of each shift, you can enter in break times, and you can change the pictures for each icon. If you’d rather view your shifts in a list you can do that, you can save an image of the screen, and you can switch the mode of input.

There are sharing options too that allow you to email your shift calendar and sync it with your Google Calendar. Even the most complex-looking feature/function is well-laid out and easy to use.


Shift Planning Calendar - Work Schedule of Shift Worker Job & Salary Calculator




  • Extremely user-friendly; input is quick and simple
  • There are plenty of customization features so the app works for your needs
  • The ability to view your shifts on a calendar for the full month or as a list
  • View shifts in previous and upcoming months
  • Email your calendar and/or sync it with your Google Calendar



  • If you find yourself wanting to write long notes for each shift that you can easily view, this may not be ideal


Final Thoughts

I found this to be a wonderful way to track and organize upcoming shifts in a very user-friendly manner. I was incredibly impressed with the features and I really like that you’re given the 60-day free trial before having to purchase the full version.


Shift Planning Calendar - Work Schedule of Shift Worker Job & Salary Calculator

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