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Class Timetable app review: acts as your school companion 2021



Class Timetable is students app for class timetables and is meant to act as a companion tool that helps you organize your upcoming classes during the week.

This collage app for students is meant to be smooth, fluid, and simple to use so that you can refer to it through the day and update it whenever you need.

For more details on this iPhone app for students, continue reading our Class Timetable app review. 

Class Timetable


Don't Miss a Class

This app works as an assistant in a sense that you can input all your classes, what time they start and finish, and make notes about the class. If you need to bring certain items, have required reading materials, or need to make note of a quiz/test you can do all of that with the notes feature.

You’re able to glance at the full week and then tap on the day you want for more details. Taking it one step further, you can then tap on the individual class to see the end time of it and any notes that you have inputted.

The main screen is the days of the week and the top of the screen shows what you have next (the name of the class and the time it starts).


A Slimmed-Down Approach

While there are many apps dedicated to keeping you organized, this one takes a slimmed-down approach. By that I mean there aren’t any extra features or functions. This app was designed with speed and ease of use in mind. It's great for those students who are always on the go and just need a quick way to make note of upcoming classes.

All the information can be edited and deleted and you can add additional details or classes anytime you like. There is even a multi-week timetable available if you want.

Unfortunately the free version doesn't give you reminders/notifications which is greatly missed. A timetable is only useful if you use it and remember to open it up.

If you decide to purchase the full version you’ll be able to set notifications and rotate the screen for a full week view. This is probably a worthwhile upgrade if you have a busy schedule and don’t want to risk forgetting classes or notes that you’ve made about that upcoming class.

Don't worry:  if you've got classes on the weekend you can include those days of the week as well.

A Slimmed-Down Approach image

Class Timetable


Pros and Cons


  • Very user-friendly
  • Gives you a simple and quick way to view upcoming classes in your timetable
  • The ability to add weekend days
  • The ability to add notes to each class
  • The ability to set the start and end time of each class


  • There is no notification feature in the free version
  • Very simple without many features and tools

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

I think the Class Timetable app really is meant for a specific type of student. If you’ve got a very busy schedule with multiple things happening in each class and you are constantly forgetting when and where classes are, this may not be enough for you.

Without a reminder feature so much of this app’s usefulness depends on whether you remember to open and view the app on a regular basis.

Class Timetable

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