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Racing Penguin, Flying Free app review: fly to incredible heights 2021



The Racking Penguin, Flying Free racing games app was one I came across in the kids' games section but I have to say, this was one I was stealing out of my child’s hand, fighting for my turn.

Talk about addictive gameplay: this iPhone racing games app offers it in spades. This physics-based game will have you sliding your penguin up and down with the touch of your finger.

For more details on this good racing games app for iPhone, keep reading our Racing Penguin, Flying Free app review below.

Racing Penguin: Slide and Fly!


Gameplay Made Simple and Fun

When you launch the app you’ll find you need to work your way through the levels one by one as you can’t advance until you clear the current level. With that in mind I started at level one. At first I wondered how the game was going to be interesting.

Gameplay is easy: it’s touch control, the rules are simple, and there are no added features or bonuses. You literally just guide your penguin up and down the glaciers to try to get as much height and airtime as possible as you jump in the air.

My first couple tries were not too impressive but I was instantly hooked as you got that feeling of "okay one more try and this will be better." I really appreciated the simple gameplay and I felt it really didn’t need to be any more than it was.

Gameplay Made Simple and Fun image

Don’t Let it Fool You

While there are no fancy graphics, features, or tools, don’t let it fool you. There are still plenty of features with this game that keep it fun and addictive. In fact what might act as negatives for some games acts as positives for this one. It’s not meant to be confusing and involved as this game is perfect for casual play whenever you get a spare moment or two.

The levels are very short so as long as you score high enough you’ll clear it quickly. Keep in mind they do get harder as you advance through the game.

This app is just as fun for kids as it is for adults and because there is no mature content here you can feel safe with the kids playing it. The user interface is even kid-friendly and they won’t need your help at all. Just be prepared that they may actually score higher than you!

Be sure to snap up the fish as you travel up and down the hills as it will get you more points.
If you don’t finish a level the message at the end will tell you how closer you were, such as 93 percent cleared.

Don’t Let it Fool You image

Racing Penguin: Slide and Fly!


Pros and Cons


  • Kid-friendly user interface
  • Simple yet addictive game play
  • Plenty of levels to work through
  • Great for causal game play


  • You need to finish the current level before you can advance

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

There is no question about it: to me this one is well worth the download. It’s fun, cute, and appropriate for the whole family. The graphics and music are even nice touches and make the game that much more entertaining.

Racing Penguin: Slide and Fly!

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