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Fertility Friend Mobile app review: your period and ovulation companion 2021



The Fertility Friend tracker is meant to be your go-to tool when it comes to tracking your period and ovulation schedule, which makes planning a whole lot easier.

My fertility friend app is filled with features and tools so you can add plenty of additional details and information about your cycle.

To see if this is the top iPhone app for period tracking, check out our Fertility friend app review below.

Fertility Friend FF App


Feeling Overwhelmed

I’ve reviewed and tested a number of ovulation and period tracker apps and there seems to be two extreme categories. They are either too simple or just way too involved and overwhelming. This one fell into the involved and overwhelming category for me.

First off to just get to the point of the main menu took me almost 15 minutes the first time I launched it. I had to sign in and create an account, set up my profile, and other details. I found the app to be finicky and rather frustrating as far as inputting the information went.

By the time I actually reached the main menu, I have to be honest, the app had already lost my interest. Anything this difficult and time consuming tends to leave me frustrated.

Now if you can make it through the initial set-up there are plenty of features and tools to make use of; however, I didn’t find any of it very user-friendly.

Feeling Overwhelmed image

What it Offers

As mentioned you’ll find that for a free app there are an extensive number of features and tools you can make use of. If you are trying to plan a pregnancy the fertility calendar can prove to be very helpful. It is color coded to show your fertile days in the month, your period, and when you'll be ovulating.

You can also add in such specific details as your symptoms, medications you have taken, cervical fluid, and your temperature. Obviously for some people this is more than they need or want.

One thing worth mentioning is that you can use this app in offline mode for data entry. In that sense it's convenient because you can add details any time and any place.

Other tools include a weight tracker and chart, the ability to check out your cycle statistics, there is an alarm you can use to remind you to enter in your data, and you can even set a password on the app to keep the information private.

The user interface felt extremely busy and cluttered to me and I really wasn’t a fan of the way the screens were laid out. There was just so much happening it was hard to focus on one piece of information.

What it Offers image

Fertility Friend FF App


Pros and Cons


  • Gives you the ability to record a large amount of information and data
  • Track more than just your period and ovulation cycle
  • Works hand-in-hand with the website


  • The user interface design is much too busy and cluttered
  • Data entry can be tedious
  • Setting up the app takes an unusually long amount of time

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

So of course the final question is would I recommend this app? I’d have to go with a no. There are plenty of other free options that take much less time and energy to use.

Fertility Friend FF App

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