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Paint Tester app review: envision paint before committing 2021



I have been living in my current house for seven years now and I am embarrassed to admit that we still have painter’s beige on every wall in the entire house.

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Paint Tester is a paint color match app that lets you try out the wall color before you actually paint. When I came across the app I knew I had to give this a try and see if it can help someone as indecisive as me make a color choice.

You can test the paint before buying with this app to make sure that it looks good on your walls. Some users think that function alone makes Paint Tester one of the best iPhone apps for home decoration. After reading our Paint Tester app review, let us know what you think about this app.

Paint Tester


No Need to Commit

Where I have a problem with paint is that I have to commit to a color. I find it very difficult to envision how a color will look on the walls and work with my furnishings and décor. This is a great app for all of those reasons.

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You have the choice of taking a picture or using one from your library and then playing with paint colors. For me taking a picture seemed like the smarter way to go so you can make sure the lighting is right. The app is very simple: just snap your photo choose the paint palette and you'll find pretty much any color you can imagine.

To help guide you through the color selection process you can choose a palette that you are interested in such as reds, blues, oranges, greens, and more.

The top bar of the screen shows the color you have highlighted and right below that are percentages that tell you how much red, green, and blue is in the color. You can also adjust the brightness.

No Need to Commit image

Paint Your Room

Now comes the fun part: painting! You can fill all the walls in one simple tap or you can use the paintbrush and apply the paint exactly where you want.

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This is helpful if you’re planning on doing a highlight wall. You can even tape walls so you can create effects such as stripes in different colors or keeping your trim white. Use the eraser at any time to remove paint.

When you’re done if you’re happy with the results you can save a copy or start all over with the current picture or take a new one.

The app is extremely simple and quick to use and I found the color selection to be excellent. I can’t imagine not being able to find the exact color or tone you’re looking for. This is just a great way to see how a color may look without making that commitment.

Paint Your Room image

Paint Tester


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • A massive color palette to choose from
  • Take pictures and virtually paint a room
  • Save your room


  • Choosing your color can be a bit finicky as you need to pick exactly the right spot in the color palette

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

As someone who knows nothing about painting and is absolutely awful at envisioning the final results I find the Paint Tester app to be very helpful. I really liked that you are basically virtually painting a room seeing how your own belongings and items will look next to your chosen shade.

Paint Tester

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