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Photo Shaper app review: create a collage in any shape you want 2021



There are literally thousands of different photo apps out there, with each and every picture collage maker focusing on a different aspect of photography.

A very large percentage of those apps focus on making collages, though not many of these apps allow you to actually feature a shape collage maker.

Luckily, I have now found Photo Shaper app for iPhone by Fast Hatch Apps. This app not only allows you to create a collage of your photos, but it also lets you pick a shape into which to put the photos.

You can select as many photos as you want and you can play around with the style and size of the photos as much as you want. Let's dig deeper into this app with our Photo Shaper app reivew. 

Photo Shaper: Collage Maker (Build Foto Collages with Shapes)


Creating a Collage

Creating a collage is easy. Simply allow the app access to your Camera Roll and choose the photos you want in your collage. The app will then start working on the standard heart-shaped collage and you will have your example ready.

Now it is time to edit your collage. Here you can choose from over 20 different shapes to put your collage in, ranging from a butterfly to a Batman logo and from beer bottles to palm trees.

Here you can also set shadow, the edge of the shape you used, photo size, and photo density. You are also able to pick a background, where you can choose from 10 different styles of backgrounds. Now you can move your photos around and play around with the sizes and position before finalizing your collage.

Creating a Collage image

Missing Options and Sharing Features

One thing I really missed in this app is the lack of the option to create a normal-shaped collage. Within this app you can only pick from these 20 plus shapes, and you can’t just make a normal photo shaped collage.

After you have created your shaped collage, you can choose from only a few different ways to use it. You can share it via Facebook or Twitter, but no Instagram option is available.

Of course you can also save it to your Camera Roll, or send it via email, but these are the only options available. All in all the sharing options are a bit minimalistic.

The ads that pop up every time you create a new collage go full-screen and you can't shut them down, which is irritating.

Missing Options and Sharing Features image

Photo Shaper: Collage Maker (Build Foto Collages with Shapes)


Pros and Cons


  • Create a shaped collage of your photos
  • The app does all the work for you
  • Customize the size and placement of your photos


  • No option to create a normally shaped collage
  • Annoying full-screen ads

Pros and Cons image


If you really want to create a shaped collage, this is the app for you. There are plenty other apps available that allow you to make a collage, but not in the shapes available in this app.

Full-screen ads are an annoyance, and you can't switch them off, which is a big minus point for me. The app is compatible with both iPad and iPhone and is just over 16 MB in size.

Photo Shaper: Collage Maker (Build Foto Collages with Shapes)

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