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6abc Philadelphia app review: your one-stop source for news



I must admit when it comes to news apps I don't tend to get overly jazzed about them and am rather cynical in a sense that I feel like when you've you seen one you've seen them all. Then again, once in a while you can come across and app like 6abc Philadelphia that offers all the news you need in a flashy and modern-feeling package.

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6abc Philadelphia


Truly Is One-Stop

How many times have you heard the words “one-stop-shop” to explain something and end up sorely disappointed since it’s not able to live up to its description? In this case I feel like I can confidently use these words to describe the app. Residents of Philadelphia and the surround area will find all the news they could possibly need: local, national, and world, in one handy location. To top it off you’re given a whole lot of other features and functions, plus it’s in wrapped up in a gorgeous user interface.

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I’m not even quite sure where to start with this app as there are so many features I really enjoy about it. First off you have no problem finding all the top headlines and breaking news. Scroll through categories such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, or national news. You can also view trending stories, entertainment news, consumer news, and even the HealthCheck. It just goes on and on; check out the latest in sports, ABC News, Good Morning America, and ESPN. It truly feels like you can find anything and everything in this beautiful, interactive, and user-friendly app. You can connect with the team through Facebook and Twitter as well.


Let's Not Forget

Of course let’s not forget you’ll find all your weather and traffic news here as well. If it’s photos you’re after there is a beautiful library of pictures to look at and a wide selection of videos examining all the top stories and most talked-about topics.

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For me I really enjoyed the trending channel, this was a spot I could find some really fun, obscure, and interesting stories that were creating the most buzz and getting the most attention. All stories can be share by email, Twitter, and Facebook so friends and family can also enjoy the story/video.

Your current Philadelphia weather is always displayed on the top of the screen and if you tap on it you’ll be able to get your seven-day forecast.


6abc Philadelphia


Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly
  • Beautiful, clean, and modern user interface
  • A wide variety of stories in all categories
  • A library of videos and photos
  • The ability to share stories by email, Twitter, and Facebook



  • Can feel like information overload since there are so many categories of news


Final Words

For me the 6abc Philadelphia app is an absolute must-have download if you live in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. This is a wonderful, fun, and entertaining way to stay on top of all the current stories as well as trending features. This one really stands out from your typical news apps.



6abc Philadelphia

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