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Inkling app review: providing you with entertaining e-reads



I love finding apps that are all about providing you with free entertaining, engaging, and informative books so the Inkling app looked like a great one to review. The app offers a library of interactive eBooks in a variety of topics and subject areas that you can download and then read on your device.

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eBooks by Inkling


Can You Say Slow?

I have now lost track of how many times I have had to close and open this app again, hoping that it would load and move faster. Launching the app is slow, loading the library is slow, downloading a book is slow, and then displaying it is slow again. Absolutely nothing moves along quickly with this app, which to me gets really annoying really fast.

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According to the developer these books can be used to learn with, study with, and just entertain yourself with. Well I'm not sure about any of that since I have barely read anything. The process is just too pokey!

What I do like about this app is the fact it can be used not just for entertainment but for learning purposes. You'll find a large selection of textbooks, guides, and other informative information that can help you with your studies. You don’t even have to be a student to find things to learn about here.

The way the app works is that you choose a book in the shop, you download it, and then you’re ready to read it. After it has been downloaded you can read it offline which gives you the ability to read any time and any place, which is for sure a convenient feature.


Additional Features

The app does allow you to do more than just read books. You can bookmark pages, underline sections, highlight words, make notes, and look up definitions. It acts as a true study guide in that sense allowing you to go deeper than just reading what’s on the page. A very cool feature this app offers is the ability to share your notes and questions with your classmates and/or professor.

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So what are the topics you'll find in here? Find books on such topics as medicine, parenting, food and drink, business, cooking, computers, crafts, travel, and adventure. There are also interactive quizzes to make sure you've fully absorbed everything you read.

The idea here is that what can be a boring read in a traditional way becomes fun and interactive when you read it digitally.


eBooks by Inkling


Pros and Cons


  • A wide variety of eBooks available
  • The ability to make notes, highlight text, and look up definitions
  • The ability to read books offline after downloading them
  • Interactive quizzes to ensure you absorbed what you have read



  • The app is extremely slow when browsing and downloading content


Final Thoughts

Because eBooks are such a popular category that is filled with plenty of options when it comes to apps you really need to provide unique features that make the app stand out. When it comes to the Inkling app I just don’t feel there is anything special or unique about it that makes this one stand out amongst the competition.


eBooks by Inkling

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