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Grocery Shopping List app review: don't leave home without it 2021



The Grocery Shopping List app is grocery app that every busy parent should have so they can always stay organized when it comes to shopping and tasks.

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Thanks to this iPhone app for grocery lists, you can send the list to other household members quickly and easily so that anyone can pick up the items needed.

Keep reading our Grocery Shopping list app review to learn more about this top grocery shopping list app for iPhone shoppers.

Out of Milk - Shopping List


A Quick Favorite

Since downloading this app I must say it has quickly become a favorite of mine. At first I was only using it for grocery lists but now I use it to keep track of my tasks, or as a to-do list.

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I love how easy it is to input information, make edits, and even organize the list. Now when I visit the store I don’t end up forgetting key items!

For such a simple little app there sure are a lot of features to touch upon here! First off it’s important to look at the grocery list aspect of it. As soon as you launch the app you are taken through a brief tutorial of using the app.

Take your time and read this short lesson as it really helps you learn about the features. When you’re done you have the option of setting up an account for free or using the app without logging in. I just use it without logging in.

Now you’ve got three organizational tools to make use of which are the Shopping List, To-Do List, and a Pantry List. Each one basically works the same; you are just using it for different items.

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A Number of Features

As you type in grocery list or pantry list items words will pop up so if you see the item you’re trying to input just select it instead. If you’d rather, you can use the barcode scanner to input items.

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You can also add details to the individual product such as the quantity, price, give it a category, specify if the item is tax free, and include notes on it. At any time you can delete an item, move it, or edit it. As you mark items as completed they will be moved to the bottom of the list and crossed off.

For a free app I find this one impressive where its features are concerned. The fact you can scan items in makes input a breeze.

The app allows you to share it with others, perhaps your significant other as they’re on the way home from work and you just need a couple items picked up. Your list can be shared by email or iMessage.

If you register for an account you’ll have more options available to you.

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Out of Milk - Shopping List


Pros and Cons


  • Simple and quick item input
  • Cross items out as you complete them
  • Edit, delete, and move items
  • Share lists by email or iMessage


  • Not all features are available in free version

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Because there are so many shopping list apps available it can be hard to pick one that satisfies your needs. For me the Grocery Shopping List app is a perfect blend of simplicity with just the right amount of features.

Out of Milk - Shopping List

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