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iBlankie app review: there is such a thing as a parent's manual



How many times have you heard new parents say they wish their baby came with an instructional manual? Well the iBlankie app is meant to be just that; it acts as a security blanket and instructional manual so parents can navigate the ups and downs a little more smoothly.

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No Easy Job

You don’t have to tell parents how hard their job is as they are already well aware of that. There is always that worry that you may make a misstep along the way. The idea of this app is to provide you with practical and proven methods that will help you in terms of your child's development.

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What I didn’t expect when I opened this app was to find the vast amount of useable information that it offers. As a parent I’m always reading up on parenting methods and techniques so I really appreciate apps like this that can educate you and arm you with practical tools.

Each day you log into the app you’ll get a tip of the day at the top of the screen. These tips address all different types of issues that parents may run into. Scroll down for a list of more plans, methods, and information that will help you along your way. You can also search by keyword if you’re looking for something in particular.


Taking it a Step Further

The app goes further than just basic reading material. You are given concrete plans with steps and strategies to follow. You can literally take it step-by-step and walk away with a better experience between you and your child.

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When you come across a tip that interests you go ahead and share it by email, copy it, or print it.
The user interface is very simple and uncluttered with no distracting ads and pop-ups on the screen. I find the way it’s set up to be extremely user-friendly, allowing the focus to remain on the content rather than bells and whistles.

Some of the topics you will find information on include sibling relationships, separation anxiety, conflict resolution, eating issues, and so much more. Each of the topics is written in a clear, concise, and brief manner so you aren't spending hours reading over one topic. Nothing feels dry and dull like a textbook; instead, it feels more like a discussion you’d have with a friend.


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Search for a topic by keyword
  • Enjoy a new tip each day
  • Many topics include realistic plans and strategies that you can follow



  • It would be nice to see some interactive features or visuals


Final Thoughts

So often I end up deleting apps after reviewing them as I just don’t find them useful for me. The iBlankie app is a real surprise because I find myself coming back to it over and over. I like the way the information is presented, the user interface is clear and concise, and it’s just an overall great app filled with fabulous information.


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