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Jigsaw Collection HD app review: enjoy hours of jigsaw puzzle fun but without the mess 2021



This is a wonderfully developed game which features a selection of themed jigsaw puzzle packs spanning all manner of categories. With the ability to save your progress on a current puzzle and even create your own puzzles from photos, Jigsaw HD app is sure to keep you busy for quite some time.

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As soon as you start up this jigsaw collection HD app, you’ll immediately be able to see the amount of expertise and professionalism that has gone into creating the gorgeous interface and awesome control system.

If you’re a fan of jigsaw puzzles and want to enjoy doing them without having to clean up the mess, I would definitely recommend checking out this jigsaw puzzle collection HD app because I think you’ll get a lot of fun out of it! Let's explore this jigsaw for iPhone and iPad further. 

Jigsaw Puzzle Collection HD


Gettin' Jiggy With It

I should probably begin by noting that although there are more than 100 jigsaw puzzle packs available via in-app purchase, this is the free version of Jigsaw Collection HD and as such, it includes five puzzle packs to get you started.

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The packs you’ll start with are Abstract, Animals, Cakes, Children, and Nature, and each one contains five puzzles, so you’re getting 25 jigsaw puzzles initially, which I think is a very fair deal for a high-quality app such as this.

When you select a specific puzzle from a pack, you’ll be presented with a black board with all of your pieces on the right-hand side of the screen. Hit the magnifying glass icon to reference back to the complete image.

The Pause menu enables you to move the tiles around en masse, depending on how you prefer to play.


Hundreds of Puzzles to Choose From

This same menu also lets you adjust the color of the background, which I think is a cool little addition!

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Going back to the puzzle pack menu, you’ll notice that there is a separate section for puzzles you’re still working on. This is great because it means you can be busy working of multiple puzzles at the same time rather than having to wait until you’ve completed one before moving on to the next.

My personal favorite part of Jigsaw Collection HD is the Own Puzzle section which enables you to, you guessed it, create your own puzzles using pictures and photos from your Camera Roll. You can also take a photo from within the app to create jigsaw puzzles immediately out of your surroundings.

Hundreds of Puzzles to Choose From image

Jigsaw Puzzle Collection HD


Pros and Cons


  • Five free puzzle packs plus hundreds more available via in-app purchase
  • Create your own jigsaw puzzles using the photos from your Camera Roll
  • Save progress on puzzles you’re currently working on
  • Incredible user-interface with high-quality graphics throughout


  • Whether it is an issue with iPhone or iOS 7 compatibility, the time and battery status bar along the top of the screen is blocking some of the interface

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The only complaint I have is that I’m currently reviewing this app on an iPhone and the bar along the top which displays the time, battery status, and so on is actually blocking some of the interface which seems to be preventing me from actually saving my photos as puzzles.

Other than that, Jigsaw Collection HD is sure to provide hours of fun so be sure to download it today!

Jigsaw Puzzle Collection HD

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