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Pet Peaves Monsters app review: nurture your very own pet monsters in this amusing game



You can forget all about Tamagotchi because the Peaves are here and they mean business! This is a visually lush game which has you completing all manner of tasks for your pets to help them grow into battle-ready Peaves so they can enter the Battle Arena and wreak havoc.

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Yet again I find myself reviewing an app which takes thrice as long as normal because I keep picking up my iPhone and playing more than I should!

Pet Peaves Monsters is a gorgeous-looking game with some very funny sound effects and a host of creatures with some serious attitudes, so watch out and make sure you’re on time when feeding them bugs!

Pet Peaves Monsters



When you first start playing this game you’ll start with nothing more than a simple larva, and by feeding it and treating it to various toys, you’ll be able to watch as it evolves into something truly, well, monstrous!

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The 3D graphics in this game are really quite stunning for an iOS development and I love the way you can pick up and toss around items, creating a real hands-on experience when it comes to grabbing gross bugs to try and satisfy your Peave’s insatiable appetite.

After satisfying various criteria you’ll receive a message instructing you to shake your device, and by doing so your Peave will transform into its next form. After achieving Megamorphosis you can start to level up your Peave and enter into battles via the Battle Arena.

Take to the Battle Arena

The Battle Arena is also very amusing and typically results in a free for all where you’ll have to take out up to three other Peaves in order to win prizes and gain access to additional boxes where you can grow as many as eight different monstrosities.

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If you’re defeated in battle you’ll still gain some coins for your trouble but this will largely be dependent upon your ranking. I really like the way you progressively unlock items in the store to stimulate your Peave in various ways.

All in all, this is a hilarious little game with some impressive graphics, very funny sound effects, and a fairly dynamic style of gameplay.

I would definitely recommend checking out Pet Peaves Monsters because it’s sure to keep you entertained for hours!


Pet Peaves Monsters


Pros and Cons


  • Nurture up to eight different monsters
  • Dozens of items, bugs, and assorted power ups
  • Prove your worth in the Battle Arena
  • Watch your Peave grow from a larva into a force to be reckoned with
  • Stunning graphics and high-quality audio



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Final Words

What more can I say Pet Peaves Monsters is brilliant!

Imagine a cross between Tamagotchi, Dogz, and Monsters, Inc. and you still won’t be close to what’s on offer in this game.

If you like madcap monstrous mayhem then I’d definitely suggest raising your first Peave as I think you’ll soon fall in love with the little critter!


Pet Peaves Monsters

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