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Livestream app review: don't just read the events, view them



It’s one thing to read about the news and events but it's a whole other thing to actually view them live. The Livestream app gives you a way to follow and view live events and keep track of when your favorite brands go live. This app is also featured on our list of the Best iPhone apps for live sports and our list of the Best iPhone apps for live streaming

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Fresh and Current

Not every app is able to feel fresh, modern, and current, yet this is exactly where Livestream excels. This app feels hip and relevant which goes a long way in today’s day and age.

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What can you use this app for? You can use it to watch live events in sports, news, music, entertainment, education, spirituality, celebrities, and other categories. That pretty much that means any topic you're interested in will be covered here.

At any given time you can find over 75,000 live events that are being streamed each month, so that means you're never at a shortage of options to choose from. While you can obviously watch events live you can also replay events that you might have missed.

I like that this app helps you stay in the loop and current. Just because you can't be at the event doesn't mean you can't enjoy what it was like or experience it. It's a much different experience to view live events than to read about them after the fact.


Worth the Set-Up

Now when you first launch the app you’ll need to sign in through Facebook and then create an account. Yes this is a bit of a pain but you only have to do it that first time and it’s worth the process.

I have been having fun with this app since creating my account. I constantly am trying to “trick” it by typing in events, celebrities, news, that I want to find details on thinking I will finally stump it, but nope! No matter what I key in there are also options to view. It’s really quite shocking.

This app has social aspects and features about it as well. You can view what your friends are watching and following, share items with your friends, and even chat with them. You can share events instantly through Twitter, Facebook, SMS, and email. Be sure to comment on and like videos, images, and status for others to enjoy.




Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to use
  • A quick, fun, and easy way to find live events in just about all topics/areas
  • Archive events to watch again later
  • Instantly share events through social networks
  • Comment and like events
  • View events live as they happen or replay them after they end



  • There is no guarantee you’ll always find events in the category you want.


Final Words

For me the Livestream app comes across so fresh and modern and it is a whole lot of fun to use. I enjoy the variety you’re given here and the quality of the videos are great. The social aspects are also another positive and help to round-out this app.



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