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24 Dec 2019 Developer News
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A decade is coming to end and a lot has changed. The social media has changed and so is people’s lives around these social media. Instagram was one of the best debuted social media.IT  has changed the whole game of promotion and how the brands are using the platform to make their brands more available to the public. These promotions lead to the introduction of “influencers” and the “influencers “ are changing the game of promotion and earning money. Now, who are influencers and what do they do?


Influencers are the people over Instagram who have a huge amount of followers and they post pictures of themselves wearing or promoting the brand. That’s it.

BUT becoming an influencer is not an easy job, as one has to maintain a good amount of followers and have to become popular enough to gain the attention of the brands, in order to get asked for promoting the brand.


Now, how influencers influence the people about the brand which they are promoting:-

1- Since the influencers have a long -list of devoted followers, so whenever the influencers post about a brand and also, tell people that they are using the brand on themselves, that’s the trick. This makes the followers try the products and voila, a job is done.

 2- The influencers may host giveaways and other kinds of contests, which indulge the followers to participate and for the purpose, the followers may have to buy the products or do ceratin procedures such as get free Instagram followers, leading to the promotion of the brands.

#The highest-paid celebrity influencer of 2019 is Kylie Jenner with $1.2 million per posts.

Influencers can gain hefty prices for their promotions of the brand and it is actually has become a fully-fledged job for many individuals.


NOW  “why use an Instagram influencer to promote brands”?

1- Instagramming influencing actually allows the brands to reach the targeted audience much faster as they are being promoted by the favorite artists, actors or popular figures, which makes the followers get into the mindset that by using the products or services of the promoted brand, they can get a taste of the lifestyle of their favorite celebrities, hence the followers go on using it. It is a much more convenient form of promotion than the old methods of promotion.

 2- Since the influencers have a loyal relationship with the followers, the influencers actually can change the whole demographic of the brand and them talking about it, makes the followers believe that this is what their idols are using, so using the promoted products they will be more close to their idols, as a superfan or well-wisher.

3-The influencers also come up with unique content and, for brands those content can be huge engaging and quirky. These brand promotion content featuring the brand products actually generate sales for the brands.

 4-The influencers are also working for building brand awareness in front of their mass-followers , so that becomes a win-win situation.

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