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How to earn money from getting Instagram famous?

28 Feb 2020 Developer News
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It is now possible to earn money from Instagram as long as you are willing to create a high-quality profile. Irrespective of whether you are selling a physical product or not, you can still reap benefits from earning money through Instagram. It is not always mandatory to have a good follower count but make sure you have checked upon these things for your Instagram profile to monetize:



  • Writing an attractive bio is the first thing you should do for maintaining a reputed profile on Instagram. Include your contact information, business goals and what you want to offer to customers.
  • Another most significant thing to consider is to post consistently on Instagram. With this you will not only able to    get free Instagram followers but also becomes key for the popularity of your brand or business.
  • Make sure that you post photos of high quality. Quality matters and it captures the attention of users when they scroll through your profile. If your photos are of low quality, you will most likely end up losing some potential customers.
  • All your posts should be accompanied by some popular and relevant hashtags. Undoubtedly, hashtags help in the expansion of your post reach but do not put it unnecessarily.
  • Engagement is also important to make your profile noticeable among larger audiences. You should always think of creative methods to interact with your followers and make them feel special.

So these are some of the useful points to keep in mind. Once your profile is checked with all these pointers, it's time to finally monetize your Instagram profile.


Ways to monetize your Instagram profile:


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the basic sense refers to getting paid a percentage for the sale you initiated. To do this, you have to post a unique and interesting image that conveys your brand promotion and persuade people to click on the mentioned URL. The main thing is to get users to click on the URL; otherwise, you will not be paid. The URL can be inserted in the caption as well but it is only clickable in the bio section. The opportunities to earn through affiliate marketing are many and it is suitable for any kind of industry.


Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are the best and common way to earn money through Instagram. All you have to do is to post photos and videos promoting the products and services of a particular brand. The basic requirement for doing sponsored posts is to have a decent followers count. Nowadays, the trend of promotion through small and large influencers is popular on Instagram. But make sure you advertise brands in a specific niche to maintain consistency. Otherwise, it will only look like a paid promotion and can result in lessening of followers on your profile.


Sell your photos

If you are a professional in taking quality photos or trained photographer, then it is a great chance to sell your photos to big brands or businesses. It's crucial to add a watermark with every photo you post along with a detailed caption including your selling details. For this, you need to be active on Instagram and try to collaborate with other influencers or photographers in your niche for creating awareness.


Promote your own business

If you are running a business that can be promoted on Instagram to get more customers and more sales, it’s time for you to do so. To market your products and services on Instagram it is vital to continuously engage with your customers in one way or another. The simplest way is to post the images of your products sharing the required information in the caption along with a couple of branded hashtags. You can also share behind the scenes photos of your business for keeping it more real and engaging. Another way is to post user-generated content. You can repost the content posted by your users with due credits to them. Whether it is a customer buying your product or giving valuable feedback or suggestion for your product, share it with other customers for generating more potential leads.


Sell your Instagram account

If you have established an Instagram account with a high number of followers and some good posts with a decent number of likes and comments on them, you can sell your Instagram account too. Many people are interested in buying the already established authority accounts for further fulfilling their business interests and your account could be a perfect pick for them. So contact influencers or brands in your niche for giving your account and getting paid in return.


Final words

So in this post, we have tried to cover all the aspects of earning money through your Instagram profile. However, making money is not that easy and it requires consistent efforts and hard work to set up a high-quality profile.

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