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What Features Make a Great Sports Betting App?

08 Mar 2020 Developer News
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Sports betting apps
Sports betting apps

For those who want the ultimate convenience when it comes to sports betting, a mobile app is required. This allows you to bet on your phone, whether you are sat at home on your sofa, out with friends or even at work. We live in a time when we want everything to be as convenient as possible, and the bookies have helped us place bets in that way. So what features make a great sports betting app?


Speed of Navigation

When it comes to betting on a mobile app, speed is key. This is the time it takes for you to get your phone out, find the app, log in, find the market you want to place a bet on and then place the bet. This is something that should be made as easy as possible for people, and something that should be done relatively quickly. The keys to this are a quick log on system and a simple, easy to navigate menu system. If both of these are in place, getting a bet on through your mobile app should take just a few seconds.

The Ability to Claim Promotions

When you are betting via a mobile app rather than through a website on a desktop computer, you should still have access to the full list of promotions ran by the company. These are key to betting, and there are some fantastic bookmaker promotions available, so you need access to them.These offers can include casino & betting sites with free bets and no deposits meaning you can try them out without adding funds of your own to the account. Promotions are a great way to get started with a betting account, so make sure you can access them through the bookmaker mobile app you want to use.


Full Account Control

There is nothing worse than having a mobile app and only being able to bet on it. Make sure your mobile app allows you to full control your account. This should include things such as being able to store payment details and make a deposit, the ability to withdraw funds from the account and an option to contact the customer service team. If you are going to start betting through a mobile app then you want to find one that will let you do everything you need. This means controlling your account, and not needing to go on a desktop to perform certain functions because they aren’t available on the app. While betting is of course the main component and the main use of the app, make sure you can do a variety of other things with it which should give you a complete betting experience with your bookmaker.

Being at the Forefront of New Technology

We have seen some great advancements in betting thanks to technology. The apps out there are only available because of advancements with mobile technology, with  being an important one. When it comes to betting, we have seen big advancements such as in play betting, live streaming and other things come on board. Having a bookmaker and an app that is at the forefront of these new technological advances means that when something else new comes along, your bookmaker will be one of the first to implement it. This could be something such as voice recognition software, allowing you to speak your bet into the app or something completely different. There will likely be many more advancements in betting technology over the next few years. Make sure your bookmaker is one of those who will be leading the way, giving your app an upgrade when it needs one.

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