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Gambling with Android Apps vs. Browser

13 Apr 2021 Developer News
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The introduction of the internet was one of the inventions that changed the gambling landscape in ways that people could not have imagined. It feels good to note that people can enjoy gaming sessions without leaving their couch as long as they have an internet connection.

However, access to Portuguese online gambling sites differs. Some internet users access such sites using their mobile apps, while others use their web browsers. Which is the best among the two? We linked up with our technology writer Victoria Oliveira (check profile) to help us work on the apps vs. browser debate. The following are some of the lessons:

How do the two compare?

Web browsers are still the leaders based on a study conducted in the UK. It was found out that 57% of gamblers were using web browsers to access different casino sites while the rest used mobile devices.

However, the number of those using mobile devices has been rising as last year registered a 10% increase. On the other hand, desktop users have decreased by more than 6% over the same period. Playing through mobile devices presents two options; download a mobile app or browse through browsers such as Google Chrome and Opera Mini.

Why mobile browsing is taking over

Increased smartphone usage

Mobile phones have come a long way since they were invented in 1973. The introduction of smartphones two decades ago was a major revolution in the mobile market industry. Feature phones are being phased out, and now almost 2.71 billion people have smartphones. The market is also now flooded with affordable smartphones that are easy to use.

Portugal is among the countries that are leading in internet connectivity. Thus, Internet gamblers prefer to play various games straight from their smartphones instead of using their PCs.

Mobile devices are convenient

Humans can carry mobile devices wherever they go, unlike computers. A smartphone simply fits in your pocket or your bag. You can thus enjoy casinos on your mobile in between your work breaks or even when you are in transit. There are places where you will not be comfortable playing online games on your personal computer or desktop.

Mobile devices are somehow private, and you can thus enjoy a quick game. This means that you can access games from sites at casino Portugal online, irrespective of where you are. Desktops also mostly rely on cable or fibre internet, while mobile phones allow you to use mobile data while on the go.

Increased innovation

Games compatibility has always been an issue for most gamers. In the past, most of the games were coded using flash, which was incompatible with most android versions. However, modern developers are now using HTML5, making it easier for games to work on mobile and desktops.

Why some people prefer desktops

Some computers are created for gaming

There are different types of computers in the modern market. Some are light, while others have advanced features that support heavy games. You thus don’t have to worry about graphics and animations because the developers have considered these features.

On the other hand, some smartphones and mobile devices are created to support light browsing and making calls. Such mobile devices end up being slow or even switch off when you play demanding games. You may find a few smartphones that are created for gamers, but they are yet to get mainstream.

A big display and variety of features

A typical Portuguese online casino has thousands of games. Such games have varied betting options, which complicate the case further. Trying to maneuver through such a site is not that easy when you are using a mobile device. You may thus find some features overlapping through the mobile app.

App developers are thus forced to eliminate some of the features to make apps usable. Some games also work best when they are on a big display as players want to see and feel the fine details.

Which is the best?

It is hard to conclude the debate between mobile casinos and browsers. You should go for mobile apps if you are looking for something trendy and convenient. However, if you are looking for big displays and compatibility, desktop browsers should be your thing.

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