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Blackjack app review: bring the casino action with you wherever you go 2021



Just because you can't visit the casino on a regular basis doesn't mean you can't enjoy all the action it has to offer. When you download this free blackjack app you are in for some serious fun as millions of other users have already learned.

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You will be playing Blackjack against the dealer as you try to reach 21 before you bust in this blackjack for iPhone game. Whether you are a rookie or an advanced blackjack player, this pontoon app is worth hitting on. Continue reading our blackjack app review for more details. 



Just Like the Real Thing

When it comes to casino app the Blackjack app is really well done. Of course it can't beat the real thing but for a mobile game it's really a lot of fun.

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You'll find the game is very simple to play; there are no crazy rules or features to try to understand here. Gameplay is intuitive: all you need to do is tap your cards, chips, or table just as you would in a real-life game.

I find that even though this is a mobile game and there are no real stakes here my heart is still pounding the whole game as I try my best to outsmart the dealer. You can’t help but get excited and anxious.

The developer mentions in the iTunes description page that a lot of care was put into the fact that the intent was to keep the game simple and clean. That means you don’t see features, buttons, and options all over the screen. I think this approach works very well for this app.

Just Like the Real Thing image

Plenty of Competition

I know this is a category that has plenty of competition as there is no lack of casino apps available. Many of them are quite flashy-looking and filled with all kinds of features. While they can be plenty of fun it's also wise not to count out the more simplistic ones such as this app. More doesn't have to equal more.

While you're playing there is some typical Casino lounge music playing in the background that is enjoyable as it gives you that feeling that you could actually be in a casino.

When you win hands you will win more chips which allow you to place bigger bets. The rules of Blackjack casino is that it pays 3 : 2. Insurance pays 2 : 1 if the dealer has Blackjack.

There are a couple of fun features such as the ability to choose between table themes. These table themes can be purchases with your chips.

Plenty of Competition image



Pros and Cons


  • Easy to play
  • Simple and classic-looking design
  • Fun funky casino lounge music in the background
  • Play against the dealer
  • Tap your chips, cards, or table just like in the real game


  • May be too simple in looks and game play for some
  • You will need to win chips in order to have more to bet and more to exchange for table themes

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Blackjack app is a great approach to this classic casino game. I like that it stays true to the game and is easy enough to understand that anyone can give it a try.


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