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keepy app review: organize, enhance, share, and admire the magic of childhood 2021



This is a wonderful app for parents who want to secure their most cherished memories of their little one’s early years, providing you with a timeline format for recording everything from drawings and school assignments to finger paintings and mementos from exciting days out.

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I think this is a beautiful idea for a family momento app which has been executed very well by a developer who obviously knows exactly what kind of features parents will love to see.

I would definitely recommend checking out this app for families if you want a nice way of keeping track of your children’s special moments as they grow up. This app for recording your child's development could make a perfect gift for your child's 18th birthday.

Keepy - Artwork Schoolwork


Playing for Keeps

When you first start using keepy you’ll be prompted to create a user account. Don’t worry because you can use your Facebook account to make an account, which literally takes just a few moments.

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From here, you’ll be asked to specify whether you’re a mom, dad, or “other,” the latter of which suits me perfectly!

I really like the way the next screen which welcomes you to the service and provides an overview of the features in exactly the way you’ll be able to record your memories: a news feed or timeline format which you can scroll and up down to look at recorded images and notes.

Playing for Keeps image

The Ultimate Keepsake for Your Child

There is a button at the bottom of the screen for adding your kids, enabling you to input their names and dates of birth, as well as specifying their gender and even uploading a photo of them.

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After this is a very special feature which allows you to add your own personalized note that your child will be able to read when they are older and come back to look at the memories.

This is such a great gift to give to your child, and if you’re consistent with recording memories then it really is worth its weight in gold.

There is also an awesome in-app photo editing suite which enables you to snap a shot from directly within the app before cropping it and adjusting factors such as the brightness and saturation. You can even record audio to go with each keepy to make things even more personal for your child.

The Ultimate Keepsake for Your Child image

Keepy - Artwork Schoolwork


Pros and Cons


  • Record special moments from your child’s early years
  • Add a special note to give to them when they are older
  • Enhance your photos with the in-app photo editing suite
  • Add audio clips to keepy entries
  • Share keepy entries with other online via email or from your iPhone Contacts list


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Every so often I stumble upon an app that makes me wish I was a parent, and keepy is a great example of just such a tool.

Everything has been designed with expert precision within an interface that looks fantastic, so this app definitely receives a strong recommendation from me.

Keepy - Artwork Schoolwork

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