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Sherlock: Interactive Adventure app review: the search for the best interactive book is over



It seems to me that developers are finally getting their heads around what is actually possible to do with books in the App Store. As of yet, some books are simply interactive with some moving objects, or will be read out loud to you while you experience the story. Other books add more photos and images. As of yet, not many developers have actually tried to create an experience surrounding a story. After some detective work I’ve finally found the ultimate interactive novel. SHERLOCK: Interactive Adventure by HAAB is outstanding in every way. The app is compatible for both iPad and iPhone and is available to try for free.

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Just a Simple Book?

To be completely honest, I only found out how awesome this book was when I started reading it. When you start the book you will be welcomed by a short introduction and you’re set to start reading. The first time when an event happens, you will be instructed by the app, but later this will be done on your own accord. For example, in the beginning, you will be prompted to tap to top of the screen and open the map. When tapping on the map, a beautifully realized map of London from  the 1900s appears, and the building that is highlighted comes up out of the map. Tap it and more information about the building will become available for you to read, giving you more backstory on the history and why the building was chosen.

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Sherlock: Interactive Adventure screenshot 1
Sherlock: Interactive Adventure screenshot 1


The interactivity doesn’t stop with the map, as there is plenty more to discover. For example, a few pages in, you will see a simple picture of Sherlock’s desk. This appears to be a still picture that doesn’t give you information, until after a few seconds, a bulls eye appears. Now you can look around the desk, and even zoom in by pinching. This is not all, as you can even investigate the desk by using the magnifying glass icon. This kind of interactivity really involves you in the story and you will really feel like you’re part of it.

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Sherlock: Interactive Adventure screenshot 2
Sherlock: Interactive Adventure screenshot 2



Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful graphics and art style
  • Brings reading to the next level
  • The first chapter is free



  • I wasn’t able to find any cons for this app



SHERLOCK: Interactive Adventure is so much more than a book, even though you can treat it like a book if you want to. Everything about this book is perfect, and the extra options and interactivity are so well-developed, that it didn’t feel like I was reading a book anymore. It truly is the next level of reading and where I expect all the books to be in the future. The app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad and is just under 1 GB. This includes all the chapters, but you need to unlock them for $2.99.


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