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eWallet app review: keep all your passwords safe 2021



Because it seems like just about everything you do and use requires a password, it's easy to forget them from time to time. The eWallet password manager app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone as a way to store your passwords and important information in your wallet. 

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With this password manager app, you can safely lock away such details as your bank account numbers and PINs, your credit card numbers, passwords to important items, and more. This password vault app ensures that your information is kept secure with "military-grade encryption."

Continue reading our eWallet review to see if you can truly keep your passwords safe with this app. 

eWallet - Password Manager


Remember and Manage All Passwords

Now there is no need to try to remember your various passwords and account details, or to jot it down on pieces of paper that ultimately end up lost and possibly in the wrong hands.

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The eWallet app is a user-friendly solution for exactly this kind of issue. Because this information is all stored away safely in this app you'll also have it with you no matter where you are, therefore giving you quick and easy access to the data when you need it.

The app offers Dropbox and iCloud backup of your information and the app syncs among all your devices so no matter which one you use you will have access to the passwords.

In the app's most recent update there were a number of small bug fixes and improvements for those using iOS 7, and there were some new features/tools added.

Customers seem very pleased with the offering and have given it 4.5 out of five stars, which seems largely due to its ease of use and security measures when it comes to keeping your information private and safe.

Remember and Manage All Passwords image

Features and Tools

Keeping your information safe is the top priority with the eWallet app and with that said it comes as no surprise that it offers 256-bit military-grade AES encryption, which basically translates to it being next to impossible for anyone to hack your information.

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There is an auto-locking feature so you don't have to remember to lock up the information, there is a random password generator to ensure your information is kept secure, and you can even sync the information with your computer.

As an added bonus you can personalize the look of the app by choosing your categories, the background, and how you want your virtual cards to look.

Even the user interface has been given a lot of thought so that entering, managing, and accessing your information is always smooth and simple.

Features and Tools image

eWallet - Password Manager


Pros and Cons


  • The user interface is smooth, simple, and well-designed
  • The app goes to incredible lengths to keep information safe and secure
  • Inputting, managing, and accessing your information is user-friendly
  • The information syncs across all your devices
  • The data can be backed up to iCloud or Dropbox


  • The price tag seems a bit steep for this offering

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The eWallet app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone gives users a seamless way to input and manage password information through the offering of user-friendly tools and impressive security measures.

eWallet - Password Manager

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