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Piano Maestro app review: an iPad keyboarding game by JoyTunes 2021



Piano Maestro app by JoyTunes is an iPad piano instruction app that assists kids in reading sheet music, hearing the notes, and practicing rhythm. You can also hook this piano maestro piano app up to an electric piano to use a full-sized keyboard rather than the iPad-provided screen board.

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Keep reading our piano maestro review to see if the piano maestro for learning piano is the right app for you. 

Piano Maestro by JoyTunes - Piano practice


Play Songs and Read Music

Piano Maestro by JoyTunes is an educational music app that will help your child learn to read sheet music, play in the proper rhythm, and more. There are many different songs to practice through the tutorial, and there are many different levels to master.

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In the first level, you are required to play middle C repeatedly in various rhythms. This requires no fingering technique, and I hope that in the more advanced levels this is brought up.

One cannot play more difficult songs without proper fingering techniques, and the app initially asks you if you are a piano teacher, parent, or child so it can survey the use. I like that they have designed it to be used for piano teachers as well.

I also like that there is a built in visual metronome, conductor, and that there is a visual line encouraging users to play the note when it reaches the blue line. These are all useful tools to help kids learn, and understand when to hit the proper note. The metronome helps with keeping beat, and the line tells them it’s coming.

Play Songs and Read Music image

Learn Through Doing

Piano Maestro by JoyTunes is a game of learning through doing. This is still the best way to learn, and I would encourage anyone to learn by jumping in with both feet where it is safe to do so.

Practice makes perfect, and it’s great that there are so many ways to practice new skills these days. I’ve taken piano lessons in the past, and while I enjoyed the end result of being able to play the piano, I did not enjoy being forced to practice. Maybe if I’d had this app I would have practiced more and progressed further.

Learn Through Doing image

Piano Maestro by JoyTunes - Piano practice


Pros & Cons


  • Free trial
  • Lots of learning to do before you have to purchase
  • Hook up your electric keyboard to enjoy using the physical board with your iPad
  • Metronome, conductor, and laser line to help you keep beat and assist with timing


  • Many practice rounds include only one note which gets boring quickly even for my two-year-old

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Piano Maestro by JoyTunes is an iPad keyboard learning app that teaches children to play the piano in easy-to-follow steps. I like that the app teaches sight reading for the sheet music, as well as teaching the name of the keys. Kids love music, and love learning, and when you put the two together in a game, they will happily learn even more difficult skills.

Piano Maestro by JoyTunes - Piano practice

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