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Cyclemeter GPS app review: the best biking ride tracking device 2021



Biking is one of the most exciting exercises that you can use to improve your wellness. Cyclemeter GPS is a cycling app for iPhone created by Abvio Inc to transform your iPhone into a superior fitness device.

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This cyclists app for iPhone is optimized for the iPad also. Many users say this is a good iPhone app for cyclists. Let's see if that is true as we dive deeper into this offering through our Cyclemeter app review. 

Cyclemeter - Cycling & Running


Discover a New Way of Mountain Biking and Cycling

Cyclemeter GPS is designed to improve the manner in which you go cycling in the mountains by giving you thousands of trail maps, splits, intervals, zones, training plans, graphs, laps, and the list continues. All these resources will help you to derive maximum health benefits from these exercises.

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The new version can record and store thousands of workouts without compromising the other features. Unlike other apps, you do not need to log in to use it; just download it and you are ready to go.

To access details such as maps, graphs and statistics, you just need to wipe across the designer stopwatch displayed at the interface. In addition, you can plan for upcoming cycling expedition on the calendar as well as organize activities and routes while still using the app.

You do not have to be an expert cycler to use the app. It has a number of training resources that are tailored to support not only cycling but also skiing, skating, walking and running.

There are also a number of configurable interval training, targets, and zones that you can use to gauge your progress. For instance, you can set pyramid and repeating intervals when going to the mountains during the weekends. 

Discover a New Way of Mountain Biking and Cycling image

Best Features

Cyclemeter GPS is the ultimate cycling exercising app that you can count on to help hone your skills. It comes with a number of running plans that covers five or 10 kilometers.

Unlike other apps whose details are predefined, with this one you can create your own training plans and synchronize them with your online or iPhone calendar.

When cycling, you should concentrate on the track fully to avoid injuries. In response to this, the developer has included 120 configurable announcements that will automatically notify you about the speed, elevation, heart rate, distance covered, and time taken.

You can set it to notify you after a specific distance or time on your earphones. More importantly, you can listen to comments from your followers and friends on various platforms such as Twitter and Facebook as you ride.

Another major attribute is that you will be able to record the current weather conditions at a given location automatically, view terrain and traffic maps as provided by Google Maps. This means that you will be able to know the outdoor weather conditions even before you leave your house.

Best Features    image

Cyclemeter - Cycling & Running


Pros and Cons


  • 120 adjustable announcements to keep you updated on your progress
  • Ability to come up with your own training plan


  • You will need to check out the features before heading out to the mountains to understand how each of them works

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Cyclemeter GPS is an incredible tool that you can use to revamp your mountain cycling trips. 

Cyclemeter - Cycling & Running

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