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MotionX GPS Drive app review: a full-featured turn-by-turn navigator offering the best value for motorists



MotionX GPS Drive is a multi-awarded road trip navigator with updated maps, real time traffic information, and turn-by-turn navigation system. It is one of the highest rated GPS apps in the App Store and has received excellent raves from The Wall Street Journal, Gizmodo, Chicago Sun-Times, and Total Car Score.

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Developed by MotionX, this app is compatible with the latest iPhone and iPad models. An external GPS receiver is required if you’re planning to install it on iPod Touch.

MotionX GPS Drive


Making Your Road Trip More Convenient

There are lots of premium GPS navigation tools in the App Store packed with cutting edge features and maps. So, what makes MotionX GPS Drive different from the rest?

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For starters, GPS Drive offers surprisingly accurate turn-by-turn driving directions. It also supports voice prompts in clearly spoken English. The app sports a clean interface with unique layout. And most importantly, it is easy to use and works well under different road conditions.

When you open the app, the main interface displays a wheel menu with large icons that are clearly visible. The intuitive display makes this app a suitable dashboard tool while you are driving.

The app displays your location with information about your current speed side by side with the mandated speed limit. There are icons for location specific points of interests such as gas stations, diners, hospitals, coffee shops, airports, and parking lots. Tap any of these icons and the app will display a map that shows the nearest point of interest.

You may also use GPS Drive’s search tool to look for specific locations online. Again, it will display a map on screen to show driving directions, traffic information, and live reports in real time.

This app downloads updated maps and stores them in your device. So even if you lose internet or cellular connections, you can still load your saved maps.

Making Your Road Trip More Convenient image

Best Features of MotionX GPS Drive

GPS Drive offers always updated location maps that cover the United States and Canada. It uses the Bing Map engine and saves the maps in your device. When connected to an internet service, the app will give you real time traffic information, traffic maps, and road flow. It also supports user-contributed spot reports about road accidents, hazards, police location, and weather conditions.

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The app offers real time road assistance while you are on the freeway. It clearly displays road lanes with arrow indicators to guide you across different junctions, exits, and intersections.

MotionX GPS Drive offers free 30-days turn-by-turn navigation tool with voice support. This is an add-on service which you can purchase within the app. After 30 days of free trial, you have the option to purchase monthly or yearly live voice support.

Best Features of MotionX GPS Drive image

MotionX GPS Drive


Pros and Cons


  • Powerful and accurate GPS app
  • Offers unique screen layout for ease of use.
  • With large visible icons.
  • Always updated maps.
  • Offers real time traffic reports.
  • Supports community generated spot reports.
  • Allows multi-stop trip planning.
  • With AirDrop support for iOS 7.0.
  • With premium turn-by-turn navigation.


  • Suffers from occasional lag when the map recalculates.

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

MotionX GPS Drive is a useful navigation tool for all drivers. It is packed with updated maps and real time driving information. It is cheaper than other premium apps and it offers good value for users. 

MotionX GPS Drive

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