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Vegetarian Cookbook and Restaurant Locator app review: the ideal vegetarian resource book



Becoming a vegetarian is coupled with enormous benefits. For one, you will reduce the risk of acquiring grave diseases such as coronary heart disease which sometimes arises because of excess consumption of fatty red meats. Nonetheless, if you want to adhere to a vegetarian diet you will need to know what you can and cannot cook. Vegetarian Cookbook and Restaurant Locator app not only provides you with countless vegetarian recipes but also notifies you of the nearest vegetarian restaurant. It was developed by Web 2 Mobile Design and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. The default language used is English.

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Vegetarian Cookbook and Restaurant Locator!


Why Install the app

The road to a successful vegetarian life is not easy as it seems. If you were initially a vegetarian, you will be faced with many temptations to take meat a couple of times. Installing a dietary app such as Vegetarian Cookbook and Restaurant Locator will go a long way in helping you adhere to your new eating habit.

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One of the reasons why you should consider installing this app is because vegetarian meal choices usually seem limited. On the contrary, a vegetarian has boundless options for his meals. You will find tons of recipes that you can attempt with the aid of this app.

The app will also make it easy for you to eat out. The restaurant locator uses a GPS to identify the closest restaurant that provides vegetarian offerings.

Best Features

The greatest boon to using Vegetarian Cookbook is the fact that users can choose from a vast range of recipes of vegetarian cuisines from around the globe. These include: America, Chinese, Indian, Italian, French, Mexican, and Thai.

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Vegetarian Cookbook and Restaurant Locator has been equipped with incredible features. It has an added tool that lets users add recipes. For instance, if you come across other vegetarian recipes from other sources such as websites, ones that are not listed in this cookbook, you can add them using the add tool.

Beyond the reward of adding more vegetarian recipes, the app allows users to edit recipes. The recipes in this Cookbook do not incorporate the possible servings. Consequently, you can edit them by making adjustments to the measurements of ingredients and adding an element of the number of servings.

In any place you happen to visit, you will realize that the number of vegetarians particularly those who lie in the category of strict vegetarians is significantly low. For this reason, these few individuals may feel at sea when it comes to knowing what foods to take and which ones to avoid. This is where Vegetarian Cookbook comes in handy. It has a share feature that allows users to share new recipes they have with fellow vegetarians either through Facebook or email. 

Vegetarian Cookbook and Restaurant Locator!


Pros and Cons


  • Lets users share recipes through Facebook or email
  • Contains an array of vegetarian cuisines
  • Has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate


  • The recipes and other vital instructions are only written in English

Final Thoughts

If you are a strict vegetarian or you just made a resolution to be one, Vegetarian Cookbook and Restaurant Locator is the perfect app to guide through tons of vegetarian recipes you can use to prepare the right diet.


Vegetarian Cookbook and Restaurant Locator!

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