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Marvel's the Avengers: A Second Screen Experience app review - offering an enhanced viewing experience for Avengers fans



Marvel’s the Avengers Second Screen Experience allows you to interact with the movie on your iOS device. It offers an add-on value for Avengers fans who love to get involved with the adventures and lives of their favorite heroes. In this app, you can become a ‘virtual’ S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who can access files, clips, bios, and stills of the Avengers. Developed by Marvel Entertainment, this app works best on the latest models of iPhone and iPad.

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Marvel's the Avengers: A Second Screen Experience


Exploring the Adventures of the Avengers

The Second Screen Experience might be confusing to some users. However, its concept is quite simple. This app lets you interact with the Avengers movie on BluRay. It allows you to access certain content directly from your iOS device.

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To get started, just install the app on your iPad or iPhone. It is a big file at more than 400MB so you might need an unlimited data plan or a pretty stable Wifi connection to download the app.

After completing the installation, you can now load the app to open the Second Screen. This app highlights the Item 47 ComicCon experience and the individual dossiers of your favorite Avenger heroes. Tap the sync folder on the screen to connect the app with the BluRay movie. This means you need your BluRay to be online and on the same Wifi network as your device.

After the sync, loads of content from the movie become available on your device. Tap the play button to view insider photos, texts, movie clips, and videos. A notable feature of the app is the synced-pause option. It allows you to pause the movie directly from your iOS device.

To view the dossiers, just tap the Personnel Files and you will be able to read the bios and other personal circumstances of the Avengers.

Best Features of the App

Marvel’s the Avengers Second Screen Experience offers impressive visuals. It clearly captures the design and graphic arts of the movie franchise. Access button and folders are professionally designed and they closely resemble the S.H.I.E.L.D. gadgets.

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This app offers a rich collection of Avengers content. First, it allows you to access the comprehensive dossiers of the Avengers and the villains. You can read bios as well as updates about Nick Fury, Tony Stark, Thor, Loki, and many more. Some files are tagged as confidential but you can unlock them from the BluRay.

The app also offers background information about the Avengers comics. It provides the history and development of the comic book characters. A preview of the Ultimates Vol. 1 is available in the app.

Marvel's the Avengers: A Second Screen Experience


Pros and Cons


  • Offers impressive visual design.
  • Allows you to interact with the Avengers movie.
  • Offers comprehensive dossier of your favorite heroes.
  • Offers loads of content including text, stills, videos, and movie clips.
  • Allows you to sync your device with the movie.


  • Some files are locked.
  • Might be confusing for some users.

Final Thoughts

Marvel’s the Avengers Second Screen Experience is an add-on app that allows you to interact with the movie from your iOS device. It offers a good collection of content including dossiers, photos, videos, comic book history, and many more.


Marvel's the Avengers: A Second Screen Experience

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