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My Town : Home app review - kids can explore a busy and fun home



How would you like to give your kids a chance to explore their very own doll house but one that is virtual so they can take it anywhere? The My Town : Home app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides kids with the opportunity to do so. In this app, kids will have a unique experience each and every time they launch it as there are tons of rooms to explore and each room is loaded with activities they can engage and interact with. The app is all about creative thoughts, using their imagination, and letting them play out all kinds of fun scenarios.

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My Town : Home


Step into the House

Instead of kids feeling bored on rainy days, or those lazy days at home, why not give them something that encourages their imagination and allows them to have tons of fun in the process? The My Town : Home app is all about giving kids a creative and engaging outlet where they can explore a virtual doll house that is loaded with interactive elements in every room. Kids are able to touch everything they see and manipulate items such as making dinner for the family, flipping on the TV, getting family members up and dressed, and so much more. This one has been created for kids five and under but parents have commented that even older kids are enjoying the offering.

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The app is free to play and doesn't contain any third party ads, nor are there any in-app purchases. This one requires iOS 7.0 or later. It currently has 4.5 out of five stars from users who call it "amazing" and "awesome". In its recent update there were a few fixes made so the app is smoother than ever before.

No Rules and No Score Keeping

The My Town : Home app is all about free play meaning there are no rules, no timers, and no score being kept. There are six different rooms in the house and there are six family members in the household. Some of the things that kids can do are play, shower, eat, get ready to go outside, play outside, sleep, and more.

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Additionally, kids can look after the family pet, which is a fish tank. There are more than 25 different fish they can add to the tank and watch, just don’t forget to feed them! The graphics are fun and appealing to kids, and the game controls use touch functionality making it kid-friendly.

My Town : Home


Pros and Cons


  • The app is ideal for kids five and under
  • The graphics and game controls are kid-friendly
  • There are plenty of items to explore and interact with in the house
  • There are six different rooms in the house, plus the outdoors


  • There had been a few small issues, all of which have been fixed

Final Thoughts

The My Town :  Home app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a great way to encourage kids to use their imagination and keep them busy in a fun and engaging way. This one is loaded with interesting elements to engage with, in fact parents may want to give it a try.


My Town : Home

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