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GetMyBoat app review: making boating a breeze 2021



Every once in a while a boating app comes along that proves to be so useful and productive that you wonder what you ever did without it.

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The GetMyBoat app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone can easily fit in that category. Now, this isn't an app filled with games, entertainment, and social links, instead this serves a real purpose.

It connects boat renters with boat owners in a simple and sleek way. The end result is a partnership that is able to thrive. The developers, GetMyBoat LLC, have really hit a homerun with this iPhone boating app.

Cotninue readign our GetMyBoat app review to see if this is one of the best boating apps for iPhone and iPad users.

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Not Your Typical Support

Right from the start there is features about this app that stand out and just feel different. Most apps offer you a link for "support" but rarely does that support prove to be useful. With this app, you're able to connect with the GetMyBoat team and even chat with them live.

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When you're dealing with rentals that are happening in real time, this proves to be a very important feature to have. When renters or owners have questions they need answers fast as a contract may depend on it.

Before even downloading the app it is also worth checking out the GetMyBoat support center online where there is an absolute wealth of information about the service it provides and typical questions people may have.

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A Boat Rental Marketplace Working for You

Let this boat rental marketplace start working for you whether you are the owner or the renter. The way this works is that all types of boats are listed to be rented from small sized kayaks to large and luxurious yachts and sailboats.

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They can be anywhere in the world and at any given time there are more than 40,000 boats available for charter.

From the renter’s point of view, the system is sleek and simple. You are able to perform a detailed search in order to find the exact boat you're interested in renting. From there you can then send a message to the boat owner and then make the reservation right through the app.

Meanwhile from the owner’s point of view you're able to use this app as a booking tool. Go ahead and manage your entire boat rental business right through the app, get requests, make reservations, answer questions from potential renters, and add new listings quickly and easily.

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Common Questions

There are a number of common questions that the developer has run into from both renters and owners, and what’s impressive is how much they’ve gone out of the way to make things clear.

Some information for renters to keep in mind is that you'll always want to check with the particular state about training and licenses. It's up to you as a renter to be sure you're okay to drive/operate a boat. There is also a list of prohibited items to take aboard the boats, which renters should be sure to ask about.

It's also important to mention that both owners and renters need to be registered on the site before they can use it. The site is free to use, and it's up to the owner to decide on the pricing structure for the boat. Another point worth noting is that the payment itself doesn't go through the site.

The site is strictly a place to market the boats and connect the two parties. The owner is responsible for setting up the payment method.

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Using the App

Now that we’ve gone over what this app does it’s time to take a look at the user experience from a renter’s point of view. When you first launch the app it asks to use your location. This is a handy feature as it will be able to find all the available boats in your area. This doesn't mean you are restricted just to where you live of course.

The search bar at the top of the screen asks you where you will be boating, this is your chance to type in any location. After keying in a location you are then shown all the available rentals plotted on a map.

Tap on any of the markers in order to learn about that particular boat. It will tell you where it is located, what kind of boat it is, all the details, pictures, and the price. Once you find one that interests you, tap on it for more information where you can contact the owner and/or request a booking.

Depending on the location you are searching you may end up getting many results. If that’s the case the filter tool comes in really handy. Here you can specify the boat type you’re looking for, the rental type (captain, no captain, or sleep aboard), price, and capacity. This will narrow down your results instantly, helping you to make a decision.

From the owner’s point of view you’ll be using this app to list your boat, add details, photos, pricing, and availability. You can make changes to this information any time you like. As well you’ll be able to respond to potential renters through the app and answer any questions they may have about your boat.

In order to use the app as either a renter or owner you will need to sign up, or register as mentioned above. Again this is free, it just makes it possible for you to create an account.

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Pros and Cons


  • The app is free and easy to use
  • Renters will be able to search for boats anywhere in the world and apply filters to their results
  • Renters can send the owners questions through the app
  • Owners can add, change, and delete listings any time
  • Owners can respond to questions through the app


  • You won’t be able to use the app until you register/sign up for it

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Start Boating Today

The GetMyBoat app gets a big shining stamp of approval. This one is sleek, modern, serves a useful purpose, and is really fun and practical to use both from the renter’s point of view and the owner’s point of view.


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