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JustWatch app review: find all the top shows and movies 2021



Are you an entertainment buff? Can't get enough of your favorite TV shows and top movies?

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If that's the case and you enjoy streaming content then we've come across an app for finding TV shows that can make the process a whole lot smoother. Not only that, with this iPhone TV appyou'll be able to find titles that may otherwise have been hard to find.

The JustWatch app for iPhone acts as a search engine. Simply type in what it is you want to stream and the TV app lets you know all the free and legal places that are streaming it.

JustWatch acts as a huge timesaver so you don’t have to do the legwork yourself. Plus you have the peace of mind knowing that all the results are legal streaming sites. It's a convenient way to find movies to watch with this app. But, is it one of the best iPhone apps for TV or movie fanatics?

Keep reading our JustWatch app review to learn more about this top TV app for iPhone and iPad users.

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JustWatch - Movies & TV Shows


Why the Need?

The JustWatch app was created to fill a need as today’s film and TV viewers are different than even just a few years ago.

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Today’s consumers are turning to streaming services as a way not of just viewing some shows here and there, but basically all their TV shows and movies. It’s become a huge trend and they JustWatch developers jumped at the opportunity.

Developed by JustWatch - Movies & TV Shows, this app was developed to act as a "new streaming search engine - to help you find out where to watch movies legally". Now you can refer to this one app to discover what is streaming on iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, and more all in one spot.

Think how much time it saves instead of having to go to each individual spot and then forgetting which provider has what. "Our goal is to connect movie fans with their favorite content worldwide,” says the developer.

And if you choose to, this app can even be used on your desktop computer and laptop. It works right across the whole board.

And the movie and television producers see the benefit as well, from a marketing standpoint.

"Our business model is to help movie studios advertise to the right audience. Therefore we are building a fully integrated adtech stack to be able to target those fans. Our goal is to make movie marketing a lot more efficient for advertisers and a lot less annoying and more valuable for users."

To stay ahead of the curve, the team at JustWatch consists of 20 people and the app is constantly growing to offer more and more features to customers.

Why the Need? image

Tools and Features Worth Exploring

Not only do we have to discuss how the app works and the information it offers, but there is also the fact it offers a personalized experience. You will be able to make use of filters and mark providers as favorites so that using the app is even faster and easier.

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When you first launch the app you will need to set it up. This is a quick process and only needs to be done the first time. You’ll need to specify your country and your streaming provider(s). After this is done you’re taken to your personalized main screen of what’s popular.

The bar along the top allows you to pick a specific provider, whether you want movies and/or TV shows, and you can explore the filters.

These filters include picking a date it was released (by year), the rating by different services such as Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb, the price, whether you want to rent or purchase, the genre, and picture quality.

There are other ways to search as well, you can search by a specific title or actor/actress, check out what’s new, or the most recent price drops.

Tap on any title that interests you to learn about where it can be found, if it is free or you need to buy it, the rating, and more. You can also access a synopsis, trailers, teasers, and more depending on the title. Of course, you can add items to your own watch list so you can refer back to them later.

Overall, the user experience is extremely smooth. I performed searches for all kinds of titles and had no problem finding information. 

A big reason why it's so smooth is due to the regular updates released by the developers in order to fix bugs and make minor improvements to the overall performance and optimization of this app. 

Not only that, but the content is displayed instantly so you never have to wait. As more and more people opt for streaming services and app like JustWatch becomes even more useful and necessary. Think of it as your own personal concierge to television and movie entertainment.

Tools and Features Worth Exploring image

JustWatch - Movies & TV Shows


Pros and Cons


  • The app acts as a search engine for streaming content
  • Discover the legal steaming providers of various TV shows and movies
  • Get details about each movie/TV show
  • Add items to your watch list
  • The app works in a number of countries
  • Make use of the filters to help you find what you’re looking for
  • Search by a specific title or actor/actress
  • The app provides a personalized experience
  • The app acts as a huge timesaver


  • None

Pros and Cons image

Just Download JustWatch

If you’re the type of person who uses streaming providers to watch movies and TV shows, then the JustWatch app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is an absolute must have.

This app makes finding what you’re looking for fast and easy, and will help you discover titles you may not have realized were available.

Not only will you discover where the content is streaming instantly, but it’s all information for legal streaming services so you never have to worry about ending up on a questionable site. The app provides a personalized experience, which makes it all the more useful and fun.

JustWatch - Movies & TV Shows

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