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Kandy Magazine USA app review: a men's lifestyle magazine-2020



Kandy Magazine app is a digital lifestyle magazine for men who are looking for content that touches on all aspects of life. This mens lifestyle app is not only filled with entertaining articles, but is also a visual masterpiece filled with incredible pictorials.

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KANDY is the lifestyle magazine app for men with the World's Most Beautiful Women, Sports Talk, Cool Cars, Men's Style, Sleek Watches, Hot Gadgets, Movie Trailers Reviews, Breaking Music News and Concerts, Athletes and Celebrities Interviews. Check out this lifestyle app for men and see if it's exactly what you've been missing. 

A App Kandy Magazine - Men's Lifestyle Magazines


A Magazine with Wide Appeal

Not every publication is able to appeal to a wide audience base but that is exactly what Kandy Magazine USA accomplishes. As mentioned it is a men's lifestyle magazine with content that includes dating and sex advice specifically for men, movie previews, music reviews, nightlife hot spots, sports columns, fashion and style stories, apps and gadgets reviews, and health and fitness advice for men.

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This mens lifestyle app features interactive magazines, photo galleries, streaming videos, podcasts, interviews with celebrities, models and athletes and many more. Of course the lifestyle app for men has the feature of the Social Media Sharing through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. It is packed full of engaging and entertaining content with splashes of incredible photos all through the magazine.

Just like most magazines this app is free to download but you'll need to purchase the magazine itself in order to view it. The magazine is available as a one-month subscription for $1.99, a one-year iPad subscription for $14.99, or a one-year iPhone subscription for $9.99. If you'd rather, you can purchase single issues of the magazine. I would assume the content is slightly different between the iPad and iPhone versions.

A Magazine with Wide Appeal image

The Reading Experience

Of course a digital publication is more than just the content; it’s also about the actual reading experience that the user interface offers. Within the digital version of the magazine you'll be able to scroll through the text, tap to zoom in on features and pictures, tap to hid text, and there are even text pull-tabs. The user interface actually feels quite high-tech and very user-friendly.

You can swipe through the pages, view photo galleries as a whole or as individual pictures, and you can pan both vertically and horizontally.

Because of all the features the magazine feels very current, now, and fun. There are so many other features it’s just impossible to mention them all. I like the fact that the download speedof each issue is also very fast so you are not sitting around waiting for it to load.

It should be noted that iPad users are currently being given a free trial period. However, to qualify, you need to be a new one-year iPad subscriber. This is a great way to give the magazine a try and see if it’s for you.

The Reading Experience image

A App Kandy Magazine - Men's Lifestyle Magazines


Pros and Cons


  • Plenty of features that enhance the reading experience
  • Easy to use
  • Fast download of issues
  • The content covers all kinds of different topics
  • Plenty of high quality photos throughout the magazine


  • This is not a free publication and for some reason the iPad subscription is more money than the iPhone

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

When it comes to lifestyle magazines you don’t come across many for just men so the Kandy Magazine USA app sticks out for that reason alone. Besides that I actually quite enjoy the content and am impressed by the features that make it so much more fun and engaging to read.

A App Kandy Magazine - Men's Lifestyle Magazines

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