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Sick of seeing the same old tired apps in Apple’s rankings? Discover what others are discovering on appPicker! Our Top 100 rankings shows you what’s popular in each category over the last 7 days!
FoodSpect is an easy to use application that brings restaurant inspection data right to your iPhone. Now you can finally enjoy a restaurant without the worry of food borne illness or unsatisfactory restaurant conditions. FoodSpect takes the worry away from eating out.We place a lot trust in the hands of restaurants when we eat out, FoodSpect simply helps you make the right decision before it is too late.Are employees washing their hands? Is food stored off the floor? Does your favourite restaurant have a pest problem they aren't telling you about? Does the dishwasher get things clean? Is food stored at safe temperatures? Now you can have unbiased reporting right from the health inspectors themselves.FoodSpect currently services the following cities/areas:British Columbia: Every village/town/municipality/city. Alberta: Calgary, Edmonton, and Banff area. Ontario: TorontoStay tuned for select Foodie cities in the United States!
Instantly see where the crowd is. See what bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and night clubs are busy near you at a glance. Very Busy, Busy, and Not Busy are indicated by color of location icon. Adjust the day and time to see the future crowd level for any location. Works in any city.
The best iPhone apps for Philadelphia
CellarTracker is the world's largest collection of wine reviews, tasting notes and personal stories from people who love wine — now available for iPhone and iPad!• Read & Write Wine Reviews • Find over 2.1 million wines, read more than 5.9 million tasting notes (community and professional) for great recommendations, and join a community of over 412,000 users to share your opinions. Fully integrated with professional reviews from Antonio Galloni, Stephen Tanzer, Allen Meadows, Jancis Robinson and more (separate subscriptions may be required).• Manage Your Collection • Use our online cellar management tool to track your collection, see its value, and much more. Users are currently managing 66 million bottles and counting!• Label Recognition • Search for a wine by taking a photo of the label, or quickly capture photos and notes of multiple wines for later reference. Access your entire history of captured labels to remember what you've been drinking.• Scan Barcodes • Easily scan UPC/EAN barcodes on wines, as well as custom CellarTracker barcodes, to make cellar management a breeze. • Track Consumption History • CellarTracker allows you to track what you've been drinking — from your cellar, a restaurant, winery or anywhere — and add your own tasting notes, ratings and label images.This app requires internet connectivity to operate. Certain functionality, such as managing your cellar or tracking consumption history, require a free CellarTracker account. Optional paid CellarTracker accounts provide access to additional functionality, including automatic valuation. Some professional reviews require separate subscriptions to those publications to enable integration.
The best wine cellar management apps for iPhone and iPad
Suggestic helps you lose weight, get fit or live healthier using artificial intelligence to make better food choices.Food can makes as sick or makes as healthy. The line between the two can be sometimes hard to draw and is unique to you. Suggestic helps you figure out what works best.HOW IT WORKS *Personalize: Define goals, choose your base diet and add preferences and restrictions to get your personalized diet plan.*Follow: Based on your personalized diet, you receive instant recommendations for affordable and locally available restaurant menu items that best adhere to your diet, access to over 1 million recipes and more.*Get Healthier: You can stop focusing on what you shouldn’t eat and let Suggestic discover and suggest what you should. It’s easy! Just follow recommendations and achieve your goals.Suggestic integrates with Apple Health to further customize your diet and save you time. With every interaction, the recommendations become more and more personalized, leading to ever increasing efficacy.
10 free apps worth checking out
A Városban appal pillanatok alatt megtalálod a legjobb éttermeket a közeledben Budapesten az Egy nap a városban blog tesztjei alapján. Akár streetfoodról, akár csúcskonyháról van szó, ha nem tudod, hova ülj be, csak előveszed ezt az alkalmazást, és megmutatja a helyes irányt. A program egy Város hőse kártya is egyben, amivel nemcsak segíthetsz az éhező gyermekeknek, de komoly kedvezménnyel fogyaszthatsz több tucat menő budapesti helyen. - Több száz tesztelt, kipróbált, minőségi étterem - Csak az igazán jó helyek ajánlása - Street food, házias konyha, csúcsétterem, a közös a kiemelkedő minőség - Távolság alapú listázás - Térkép alapú navigáció - Rövid leírások, hogy könnyen tudj dönteni, hova mész - Hosszabb leírások, ha több infóra van szükséged - Telefonszámok, nyitva tartás, minden fontos információ - Város hőse klubkártya, amivel jelentős kedvezményeket, vagy ajándék üdítőket, fogásokat kaphatsz a legjobb éttermekben és amivel érdemben csökkentheted a gyermekéhezést Magyarországon.
Papa John's iOS APP FEATURESThe Entire Menu Order any of our delicious pizzas, sides, drinks, desserts, and extras!Push Notifications Special offers and notifications are delivered directly to your mobile device.Special Offers Get offers and coupons from your neighborhood restaurant. Use the convenient app inbox to receive and store super deal offers. Faves and Past Orders Save up to four of your favorite orders, and save past orders for 90 days (account login required). Find a PJ Near You Improved mapping helps you find the closest Papa John’s location. No Account Required Order with or without a account.Anywhere Change your location and order from any Papa John's in the USA.Pay Your Way Cash, Credit Card, most stores even take checks, or use PayShare, an easy way to split the bill with friends after your order is placed.Any Time With our Future Ordering feature, you can place your order online 24 hours a day! Order for lunch or this weekend's party, right now. Choose the specific time you'd like your order to be ready or delivered. Speed Menu Just want a large Pepperoni or Cheese pizza? We have you covered!Papa Rewards Earn FREE pizza and select sides (account login required). Order. Earn. Eat. Repeat. Save Time Select “Keep Me Logged In” at sign in to save time and earn Papa Rewards faster! For use at U.S. locations only. Have questions or comments about this app? Contact us at
Papa John's Pizza app review
Enjoy unparalleled access to the hottest nightclubs in your city with Tablelist: VIP tables and bottle service; exclusive events; complimentary concierge; split and prepay your bill; guest list; in-app cover charge; custom requests; and much more.A better night out - Boston, NYC, Washington DC, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Miami, and the Hamptons. More cities coming soon – let us know where you want Tablelist next!“Tablelist makes bottle service as easy as V-I-P.” - Mashable— Top nightclubs: View tickets, tables, guest lists, and cover charges, select bottles, and pay the tab from right in the app. Book from in line, or up to 7 days in advance.— Unrivaled access: Get into the top nightclubs in your city. Join the guest list, or create your own with a VIP table and bottle service.— Transparent pricing: Make your order and pay your bill - all before the night begins! Split the bill with friends, or add them to the tab later.— Custom options: Don’t see what you’re looking for? Submit a custom table request for exactly what you want, and let us do the rest. — Exclusive events: From big-name DJs to members-only parties, Tablelist is your hookup for the best parties in your city. Get on the guest list, or get a private table – it’s all up to you.— Personal Concierge: Enjoy a free, 24/7 concierge on-demand. No question is too big or too small, just ask! Use them to plan a bachelor, bachelorette, or birthday party; ask them about dress code; anything! Your concierge is here for you.— Exclusive deals: Look for Tablelist members-only tables and packages in our partner venues. — The Tablelist Guarantee: If you find a better price on tables, we will beat it. We are committed to giving our users the best experience possible, including the best value for their night out. — In-app cover charge - Leave the cash at home! At participating venues, pay your cover charge in-app. — Customize your night: Want hip-hop on a Tuesday night? Let Tablelist know, and select your best option. Not seeing anything? Don’t forget about your concierge!All this and more in our easy-to-use app. Also find us on web at Tablelist: A Better Night Out.
The best Las Vegas apps for iPhone
Wine Cellar Database allows you to customize your wine cellar with total flexibility. Choose from a selection of hundreds of thousands of wines online or load it from your own spreadsheet files or Cellar Tracker. Now iOS 9 compatible.-- This app gives 10 free spaces for 10 unique wines. You purchase extra spaces based on the size of your wine cellar after the initial 10 spaces.FeaturesOnline search:-Search from hundreds of thousands of wines online. -Recommendations from critics and consumers.Flexibility and Freedom:-Rearrange, rename and create your own wine categories. -Sort your cellar by vintage or name in ascending or descending order -Duplicate wines. -Search wines multiple filters e.g.( Red wines + wines made in France). -Arrange cellar row information how they are arranged and shown. e.g. location, row number, vintage, etc.Photos:-Add infinite number of photos to a single wine at any resolution. -Pinch and zoom all your photos in full screen mode.International Support:-Auto detects your currency, and allows currency changes. -Text support for all languages and special characters.Transfer:-Dropbox transfer between iPhones and iPads . -Import and export wines to and from your spreadsheet files created by Excel or from wine website like Cellar tracker. Statistics:-Real time calculation of all bottles and total valuation of your cellar. -In any category there is a break down of the wines according to the values in the category. (Eg. "current market value" will break down the wines according to the prices).Purchases Permanent: -In-app purchases bought on any iPad or iPhone are available for your other iPads or iPhones when you install this app on them.If you have any problems please email us inside the app. Go to Support-> Email in Wine Cellar Database .If you have problems entering the app, turn on debug mode in your devices -> settings -> WineDB -> DebugMode. This will allow you access. Then go to the support section and email us.or you can email us via
The best wine cellar management apps for iPhone and iPad
Your roadmap to a healthier, leaner, stronger you. 8fit is your personal fitness trainer: get customized workout plans and healthy daily meals to get fit fast. Rated 5 stars by thousands of users, 8fit is helping millions of people achieve their goals. How to start with 8fit: 1. State your desired outcome (weight loss, recomposition, gain muscle) 2. Measure your fitness level with a strength test 3. Your custom exercise program and diet plan is created 4. Follow the daily recommendations and get fit! Skip the gym but get all the benefits. 8fit’s plans take 15-20 minutes and can all be done at home. 8fit provides customized and highly efficient exercise and nutrition plans to make getting fit simple.• Nutrition plans, tips, and guides • Fat burning • Muscle building • Interactive videos • Research-backed education Most of fitness apps just draw a plan, but don't tell you how to get to there. 8fit solves this by including step-by-step instructions on: • Exercise plans • Foods to eat and avoid • Full meal plans We also explain the confusing world of nutrition, supplements, equipment and diets. FITNESS • Quantified self goal setting • Strength, size and endurance training • Scientific workouts • HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training • Dynamic strength training • Bodyweight exercisesNUTRITION • Foods for fat loss • Perfect carb control • Losing water weight • Select meal exclusions: gluten, dairy, meat, soy… • Diet filters: paleo, vegan, vegetarian, Atkins and more! Apple Health compatible: report your weight and calories burned during workouts and sports (optional). Apple Watch compatible: perform your interactive workouts from your Watch (optional). Download 8fit for free and make use of our free workouts. Or get to our Pro edition including customized meal plans and a complete workout program, targeted to your fitness level. Pro is available in the following formats: * Free trial subscription: with this option, you can fully experience 8fit Pro without any upfront cost. Once the trial period ends, charges are non refundable. * Money-back guarantee subscription: when your plan doesn't include a free trial period, we offer a full refund policy within the first 7 days of your purchase, in case you're not completely satisfied with the service. To get your refund, you must send a request to within 7 days of your subscription start date. 8fit Pro can be purchased for 3 months for $39.99 or yearly for $59.99. Subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of the period. You can turn off the auto-renewal at any time until 24-hours before the end of the period. When you cancel the auto-renewal, access to the Pro features will not expire immediately but only at the end of the current payment period. Charges for renewals beyond the first purchase aren’t eligible for refunds. You speak, we listen! Constant feature updates ensure a 5-star experience and results you will be happy with.Support:
8fit Fitness at Home app review: offering personalized fitness and diet programs
Learn to cook like a Top Chef on your iPhone!Learn professional cooking techniques and food preparation methods from your favorite chef’testants on Bravo's hit show Top Chef. Ideal for aspiring chefs or those looking to master new techniques, our exclusive culinary program is made up of over 200 free video lessons and recipes organized into 20 distinct courses, all for free!Learning to cook has never been more FUN and CONVENIENT: ▶ Over 60 hours of video featuring your favorite chef'testants! ▶ Detailed ingredient list for each of our 200 unique recipes. ▶ Watch lessons in HD on your TV with an AppleTV or any AirPlay-compatible device* Note: For an optimal experience, please use TCU To-Go on a high-speed/WiFi connection. Users may receive ‘audio only’ streams on slower connections.
The best iPhone and iPad apps for learning how to cook
Perfect Bake™ is the world’s first interactive baking app. The Perfect Bake system includes this app and a smart scale. It weighs each ingredient for accuracy and uses built-in timers to alert you when you’re done mixing, baking, or cooling. The virtual bowl fills up as you add ingredients, showing you exactly when to stop. Need to rescale the recipe? Perfect Bake does the math for you—whether you’re changing the size of your cake pan, the quantity of cookies you want to bake, or the amount of chocolate chips you have on hand.It’s Easy Download the free Perfect Bake app, and connect your iPad or iPhone to a Perfect Bake scale. The app guides you step-by-step to add ingredients, mix, portion, and bake. Never miss a step or ingredient again. The app is color-coded to show you which bowl to use (three color-coded bowls are included with the Perfect Bake scale) No measuring! The virtual bowl fills in real-time as you add ingredients and tells you when to stop. Add ingredients from recipes to a shopping list with a couple of touches.It’s Foolproof Perfect Bake measures everything by weight for utmost accuracy – just like all professional pastry chefs. It does all the math for you to scale your recipe to your specification: Scale to a number of cookies, cupcakes, muffins, etc. Scale to a pan size and/or shape Scale to an ingredient amount: Only have half a bag of chocolate chips? No problem. Put the chocolate chips on the scale and tell the app to scale the recipe. Three timers – mixing, baking, and cooling – ensure consistently perfect results.It’s Fun (and Delicious!) Try something new from hundreds of mouthwatering recipes, all created and tested by our professional pastry chefs. Check back often – new recipes are constantly being added. The Pantry feature even suggests recipes for the ingredients you have on-hand. Pouring ingredients into a bowl until you hear a “ding” is addictively fun!Make it Yours Use the recipe editor to enter your own recipes or customize existing ones. Use the Perfect Bake scale to measure your recipe as you pour, or enter amounts directly Touch and drag ingredients and actions to rearrange your recipe. Add your own description and notes. Add photos to your recipes within the app. Add your own custom ingredients in the Pantry.
“The Essential Wine App” — James Beard award winner Jordan MackayTake a photo of a wine label and instantly get ratings and descriptions with Delectable, the critically-acclaimed free app that helps you get access to the world's best wine. Keep track of your favorites and learn more about wine by following the world's leading winemakers, sommeliers and wine critics. Buy wines you love from your phone. And all this works for beer and spirits too!ACCESS THE WORLD'S BEST WINE • Follow top sommeliers, winemakers, and wine pros • Explore curated lists and discover your next favorite wine • Buy wine right from your phone and we’ll deliver it to your doorstepINSTANT WINE RECOGNITION • Take a photo and Delectable will identify the wine in seconds • Get reviews and tasting notes on any wine from the world’s leading wine community • Scan an unlimited number of wines for freePERSONAL WINE JOURNAL • Add your own ratings and tasting notes to keep track of your favorites • Tag people and locations to remember great times and great tastes • Share recommendations with friendsWHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT DELECTABLE "The Only Wine App Worth a ****" — Alder Yarrow,“This iPhone app does all sorts of things wine lovers want.” — Serious Eats“The simplicity and power of the app make it a standout. A must have for any wine lover or curious shopper. The label recognition software is the best I’ve seen out there for these types of apps.” — App Store Review“Clean, modern, and well designed. I love the social integration and the quick review process for wines.” — App Store Review
The best wine tasting apps for iPad
Download the app for DiMartino’s and save with exclusive discounts and a loyalty punch card program. Scroll through the app to check out menus that include their famous big bread muffulettas, hearty poor boy platters and homemade olive salads. You can dine-in and enjoy a refreshing beer or cocktail, take a tasty treat home to the family or have your next event catered, New Orleans style. DiMartino’s even ships their fresh baked muffulettas and olive salads to your n’awlins family and friends. Open seven days, fresh ingredients, old world family recipes, high service standards and now a money-saving app – all yours at DiMartino’s.The DiMartino’s app provides:• An exclusive download offer • Loyalty punch card program • Menus and photos • Food and Drink Specials • Discounts & Special Offers • Multiple LocationsThe app is free and you will receive your first reward from DiMartino’s soon after it is downloaded.DiMartino’s,is growing throughout the Terrytown, Marrero, Algiers and Covington, Louisiana areas one muffuletta (or one poor boy platter!) at a time. From a deli market to four restaurants and catering, the DiMartino family continues to provide delicious homemade foods, made from fresh ingredients and traditional family recipes. Hearty app-etites will appreciate the sandwiches and platters served with potato salad, shrimp potato salad, coleslaw or their famous olive salad. Try some gumbo, a poor boy or a seafood platter; enjoy the star of show, a fresh, crusty muffuletta stuffed with meat, cheese, veggies and topped with an olive salad dressing – a large one serves two! Tap the app for lots of choices and your exclusive savings from DiMartino’s.
The only app in the App Store where you have more than 1000 recipes with step-by-step photos!** Apple Choice - Yum-Yum Recipes Featured as Best New App on the App Store in 78 countries! **No matter what kind of occasion recipe or what culinary experience you have, you'll find for sure how to amaze. Specially for you we cooked all these recipes by ourselves, then took photos and tasted the result! Be absolutely sure, you'll cook a delicious dish and it will look as nicely as in the photo!We've used over a truckload of ingredients and spent more than two years in the kitchen to create the best cooking app. So now we can only improve and add new interesting recipes and features for you!Key features of our app: - More than 1000 recipes with step-by-step photos (Nowhere else you'll find so many step-by-step recipes!); - Nutrition facts for all recipes; - All step-by-step recipe photos are of a good quality; - Advanced Grocery List; - Dishes for any occasion and taste: for holiday and every day, for pizza and sushi fans, for old and young and plenty of other recipes! - Easy search of recipes; - Possibility to group recipes in your own collections (find this feature in "Favorites") - Recipe comments are from real users; - We keep developing our app and add new recipes regularly!
Step-by-Step Recipes with Photos app review: become a chef in the kitchen
Get the food you want, from the restaurants you love, delivered at Uber speed. Food you want: We’re working with over a hundred restaurants in your city to put great local food all in one place. If you’re craving it, you can find it on UberEATS. Speed you need: Choose a signature dish from the Instant Delivery menu and you’ll be eating in 10 minutes or less. Have something specific in mind? By tapping into the Uber network, you can get anything from our roster of local restaurants, fast. Service you love: When you’re ready to place your order, you’ll see a total that includes the food and delivery price. There’s no need to tip. Pay with your Uber account and watch your order come right to you through the app. UberEATS is currently available in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, New Haven, New York, Orange Country, Paris, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Singapore, Tampa, Washington, D.C, Amsterdam, Dubai, Johannesburg, Tokyo and multiple cities in Australia and Canada.
The best iPhone apps for food delivery
Welcome to the future of going out. Have you ever wondered what was going on in the bars and clubs in your area? Are you tired of blindly bar hopping around? Well, Atmosphere is here to help! Atmosphere is a free mobile app that allows you to see a 10 second video snapshot from inside the nightlife venues around you. Atmosphere also shows you all the events going on at the top bars and clubs in your city! The next time you are about to go out for a night on the town, check Atmosphere so you can “Know Before You Go”. Your friends will thank you. How Atmosphere Works ----------------------------- • To keep you up to date on the bar scene, a new 10 second video snapshot is uploaded to Atmosphere every 10 minutes.• To watch the latest video, click on the bar you want to see.• To see full details about the bar, click this info icon.• You can control the camera by sliding your finger across the screen.• To close out the video, double tap the screen.• Swipe right to see all the nightlife events going on in your city.• Swipe left to search for a bar or club with the Map View!Atmosphere takes privacy seriously. That is why each video can only be watched once and never replayed. Just check back in a few minutes for a new video! We also incorporate facial blur technology and a wide angle view so individuals can’t be identified. Meet the Developers -------------------------- Tom and Spencer are entrepreneurs and “bar enthusiasts” who want to help you have the best night out possible. We made this for the People. We hope you enjoy. Cheers!
The best iPhone apps for nightlife
Make your life simpler, healthier and more delicious with Whole Foods Market®. Get digital coupons for big savings throughout the store, browse and save recipes, see sales, create shopping lists that sync with Apple Watch and get groceries delivered.Digital coupons • Make your iPhone a savings machine! Sign in to your account and get coupons for items throughout the store – only available in the app.My Account • Create an account to take advantage of digital coupons, shopping lists, favorites and more.Whole Foods Market stores • Select your local store to see sales, events, hours and more.What’s on sale? • Get great savings throughout the store.Recipes • Search and filter thousands of recipes from the app or from your device’s search bar.Shopping lists • Easily create categorized shopping lists.Grocery delivery • Send your shopping list or full recipe ingredient list to Instacart for delivery in select U.S. cities.Rewards (Dallas and Ft. Worth area customers only) • Dallas and Ft. Worth area customers can score additional savings with Whole Foods Market Rewards.
Whole Foods Market Recipes for iPad app review
Put your diet on autopilot with Eat This Much. Tell us your diet goals, the foods you like, your budget, and what your schedule looks like, and we'll automatically generate a complete meal plan to meet your targets. It's like having a personal diet assistant.We offer both free accounts and premium accounts. As a free user, you can create a day's meal plan and completely customize it however you want. Each meal can have different preferences, and your nutrition targets can be whatever you like.As a premium user, we'll automatically generate a week of meal plans and send them to you with a grocery list via email. As you follow the plans, you can track what you did or didn't eat, and if you deviate from the plans, we make it easy to readjust your targets for the next week to stay on track. Try out the free account to see if our meal plans appeal to you, and upgrade when you're ready.- Follow any eating style or create your own - Hit your macros and calorie targets every day - Empower yourself with automatic control over your diet - Take the anxiety out of picking what to eat - Personalize any of our recipes and they'll replace the original - Reduce food waste - Don't like our suggestions? Easily swap them out or configure the generator to only use foods you like - Manage your virtual pantry (with a premium account)Normal calorie trackers force you to add foods into your diary one by one. And by the end of the day, there's no guarantee that you'll be anywhere near the nutrition targets you're trying to reach. With our automatic planner, there's nothing to track because everything is already entered for you, and all you have to do is follow the plan. Subscription options: - You can download the app for free and create/customize as many unique meal plans as you want, and save one to your account. - To unlock the features of Eat This Much Premium, you can subscribe for $8.99 USD per month or $84.99 USD per year. The first month is free if you subscribe through the app!Auto-renew details: - The price to subscribe will be shown in the app before confirming the subscription. - Upon confirming your subscription, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account. - Your subscription will auto-renew unless cancelled 24 hours before the end of the current period (the auto-renew will continue with the same frequency that you select, either $8.99 for the monthly subscription or $84.99 for the annual subscription). - Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and will identify the cost of the renewal. - Auto-renew can be turned off at any time from your iTunes Account Settings - No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period (i.e. if you turn off auto-renew, it will complete the current billing period before being fully canceled).Apple health integration: Apple health syncing can be enabled in Settings -> Apple Health -> Enable Apple Health syncing for Premium users.When Apple Health is enabled: - your weight will automatically import and export when you login and when you view your user profile - nutrition information will automatically export for meals marked "I ate this" when they are first viewed in the app and as you edit themPrivacy policy: Terms of use:
A collection of the most well known greek recipes.Fan of the Greek Cuisine? Search, prepare and cook all the delicious dishes in this app! Live healthier and discover the taste of real food, only the Greek cuisine can offer and it's famous for.Browse the free recipes, at the comfort of your home!
LET SMOOTHIE RECIPES PRO JUMP START YOUR JOURNEY TO A HEALTHY YOU, FILLED WITH ENERGY!Smoothie Recipes Pro contains 200+ great tasting smoothie recipes and images! Inspire your palate and enjoy increased energy & better health.Browse recipes - drink with your eyes first Prep ingredients - create a free grocery shopping list Easy smoothie recipes - access hundreds of recipes at your fingertips Our growing collection of delicious recipes focuses on the use of whole, unprocessed, nourishing foods. Our app makes it easy for you to recharge your body with all the right nutrients from raw fruits and vegetables. FEATURES: * Enjoy 200+ delicious smoothie recipes at your fingertips * Browse mouthwatering pictures, sure to make you salivate * Bookmark your favorite recipes for easy planning * Create a shopping list for your next grocery trip * Share recipes through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest * Easy user-interface and engaging design * Available on both iPhone and iPad If you have any questions about the app, please reach out to us at If there is a smoothie recipe you'd like to share with us, please e-mail us and send it our way!
The best iPhone apps for vegetarians
Ordering your favorite pizza just got even easier: we’ve updated the app with exciting new features and enhancements. Features: • Added ability to reorder with only 5 clicks • The full Pizza Hut menu offers all your favorite deals, specialty pizzas, pastas, WingStreet wings, drinks, sides, desserts and limited time offers • Guest checkout allows you to order without creating an account • Fast access to new menu items and local deals • Place future orders up to 7 days in advance • Find Pizza Hut locations near you • Ordering functionality for U.S. residents only • Pay with cash, credit card or gift card
The best iPad apps for pizza
A sample of the most authoritative guide to eating well in the City of Light is now available as an application for iOS.“Food lovers rejoice! You can now tour Paris with Patricia Wells, the city’s most reliable guide to its very best spots. Her app is fast and easy to use, chock-full of terrific information and a great read. In other words, it’s a delicious must-have.” Dorie Greenspan, author of Around My French Table and the Baking with Dorie iPad applicationFEATURES OF THE FULL VERSION• Discover more than 350 of the city’s ultimate culinary destinations, updated for 2012 and tested by Patricia and her team, with concise overview details and focused, dependable commentary. Includes Patricia’s discriminating selection of Paris restaurants, cafes, wine bars, bakeries, pastry shops, chocolate shops, cheese shops, markets and specialty shops, as well as her top picks. Or bookmark your own favorite addresses for a personalized top-picks list. (Approximately 16 locations are included in this sample application.)• A map of Paris shows all selected addresses, with color-coded pins and GPS locations to guide you to the best restaurants, shops and markets in the vicinity, wherever you may be. App users can call numbers directly, link to web sites and find relevant directions. • Browse the app contents by category or neighborhood, or by particular restaurant specifics such as price, cuisine type, specialties or restaurant details like vegetarian- friendly or Michelin-star rating. • Patricia’s famous dining dictionary (often copied but never equaled) is an A-Z glossary of French culinary terms to help translate menus on the spot. (Approximately 25 terms are included in this sample application.)• English language only.ABOUT PATRICIAPatricia Wells, author and former New York Times journalist, was global food critic for the International Herald Tribune for more than 25 years. She has written four print editions of The Food Lover’s Guide to Paris and 13 other books, including Bistro Cooking and Trattoria. With her husband, Walter, Patricia has lived in France since 1980 and also runs classes at her popular cooking school – At Home with Patricia Wells – in Paris and Provence. For more information visit To offer feedback or report issues on the App, email
The best Paris apps for iPhone
Pepperplate is the only app for serious cooks - it has all the tools you need to cook weeknight dinners or host a dinner party for 12. Manage your recipes, create menus, shop with ease and cook like a pro.Features:* Seamlessly manage your recipes, menus and shopping lists on the web, iPad and iPhone. * Take your iPhone or iPad into the kitchen and cook your whole menu with multiple cooking timers. * Create recipes on the iPad and iPhone or make changes to existing recipes. * Share your favorite recipes with friends and family via Email, Facebook and Twitter. * Import recipes from your favorite sites and add your own from cookbooks, magazines or old family recipes. * Combine recipes into menus for dinner parties or holiday meal planning. * Organize your meals for the week or month by adding menus and recipes to the schedule. * Add to your shopping list and it automatically syncs to your iPad, iPhone, iPod and * Organize your shopping to automatically match the way you shop in the grocery store. * Create your own unlimited categories to organize your recipe collection. * Your collection synchronizes from the website to the iPad and iPhone and is backed up without connecting to a computer. * Take your entire collection with you to the grocery store or while traveling, no internet connection required. * Manage your cooking timers over wifi away from the kitchen on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. * Login with Facebook or your free Pepperplate account
The best iPhone apps for planning meals
The Starbucks® app is a fast, convenient way to order and pay. Rewards are built right in, so you’ll collect Stars and start earning free drinks and food with every purchase.iOS exclusives: Apple Watch app; TouchID to reload your Starbucks Card with Apple Pay or any credit/debit card; and 3D Touch to jump to Pay, Order & Reload from your phone’s home screen (iPhone 6S only).
The best iPhone apps for coffee lovers
Get more from your blender with the Perfect Blend™ system, which includes this app and a smart scale. Make perfectly blended recipes while tracking nutrition—with ease. No more measuring. The app and scale work together to measure each ingredient as you add it directly to the blender jar. The nutrition for each ingredient is calculated and displayed in real time as you add it. Full integration with Apple Health makes it simple to track your intake. Now with over 300 new recipes—for a total of 500+ recipes!Want to go free-form with your smoothie recipe? No problem. Throw in the whole banana or a hand full of strawberries and Perfect Blend calculates and tracks the nutrition for you.Plan and Achieve Nutrition Goals • Design your own nutrition program with dietary settings and meal plan editor. • Create a weekly plan, schedule it, and Perfect Blend tracks your progress. • Use Perfect Blend’s dietary presets or customize your own to see only the recipes that apply to you.Shop Once for the Whole Week • Generate a shopping list based on a meal plan or individual recipes. • Tell Perfect Blend what’s in your pantry—it tells you what you can make.Make Blended Perfection • Choose from 500+ recipes or create your own and save to the app. • Place the blender jar on the scale and Perfect Blend guides you through each step of the recipe, telling you which ingredient to add and when to stop. • Perfect Blend even adjusts the order of recipe ingredients based on your blender type (works with any personal or regular blender jar).Track Nutrition • See the nutritional information for every ingredient as you add it to the blender jar. • Create your own new ingredients and add nutritional information straight from the USDA label. • Automatically scale your serving size by volume or calorie target. • Send calories and nutrition data to Apple Health for use with your favorite fitness or diet apps. • Track nutrition for an entire recipe or a portion. It’s never been easier.
Foursquare is your ultimate city guide, in your pocket. Find the best places to eat, drink, shop, or visit — in any city in the world. Access over 60 million short reviews from local experts. Traveling or looking to discover new places nearby? Get the free iPhone and iPad app today.• Tell Foursquare your favorite things and the app gets to know you. • Search for the best restaurants, coffee, nightlife, shops, and more. • Read short reviews and never miss out on the best thing to order or experience. • Save places you want to go, so you never forget.“The new Foursquare, like Netflix, takes a lot of the work out of finding the right thing for the right moment.” — The VergeHow It Works:Tell Foursquare what you like — be specific, like “craft beer” or “fried chicken,” or more general, like “outdoor seating” or “romantic places.” Every search is tailored to your tastes, your past ratings, and picks from friends and experts you trust.Want to check in, keep up, and meet up with friends? Download our companion app, Swarm.A note on battery – We've spent years developing the location technology that powers Foursquare, making it extremely power efficient. But, as with all apps of this type, please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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*** Now in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, NYC, Philadelphia, Portland, San Diego, Seattle, SF/Bay Area & Washington D.C. *** As featured in TechCrunch, Macworld, PureWow, and am New York....NightOwl is your personal guide for always finding the perfect drinking spot. Powered by the Nightlife Genome Project ™ + Simple. Open the app and immediately see a list of spots recommended specifically for you, based on where you are, your tastes, the day of the week, and other factors. The more you use NightOwl, the more personalized it gets. + Tags. No more reading through lengthy reviews from people you don't know or trust. Get a quick idea of what a spot is really like through Tags – from your friends and from others – that create a “mind-map” of the kinds of things that truly define a place – not just drink selection, noise level and cost, but everything from crowd descriptors (e.g. “Beardy” vs. “Lawyers”) to ambiance warnings (e.g. “Candlelight” vs. “Blacklight”) to anything else you may care about. + Organize your going-out universe through the things you find most important. Want to keep track of every bar in your neighborhood with an iPhone charger, a clean bathroom or NFL Sunday Ticket? Just tag it every time you see it, and then search by your tag and discover the closest one – tagged by you or others. + Share your favorite spots and your Tag lists with friends. + Request an Uber® right from a venue page – the moment you decide it’s where you want to go – and see how soon your car will arrive and how much the trip will cost you. + Find all potentially helpful reviews in a single place – friends’ tags, Foursquare® tips, Yelp® reviews. No more cross-checking apps to make sure you’re getting the full picture.
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Weber® introduces the ultimate barbecue app, providing you with the tools to become a backyard hero. Be inspired by our carefully considered Weber® BBQ Plans – all you need to do is activate and start grilling. Delight in creating your own custom BBQ Plan by selecting which recipes you want to prepare. Weber® takes care of everything else including tips and tricks around your big day, preparation times, shopping lists, weather and the invitations to your friends. This free app allows you to access a diverse variety of carefully curated recipes with easily navigable ingredients, preparation methods and cooking instructions – in the kitchen and at the grill. Beautifully crisp images and recipe details will make your cooking experience an absolute pleasure. You’ll be surprised to see how far you can take your Weber® grill – over and above the classic meat-based barbecue recipes, we include delicious side dishes, mouthwatering pizzas, vegetarian delights, pastries, and even inspiring desserts. Before you prepare, add your recipe of choice to your shopping list and after preparation, you can favourite those you love best. An innovative timer tool allows you to create multiple countdown timers so that you can sit back, and wait for Weber® to tell you when your food should be ready.Within this package, Weber® also presents tips and tricks that help you take care of your cherished Weber® grill, prepare your meals with the best techniques, and suggests ways to make the day of your barbecue as seamless as possible.Grills & Gear teaches you about the best Weber® products and to make the experience richer, videos showcase how far you can take your barbecue experience. Detailed specifications are now available to you at the tap of a finger.In the app you’ll also find a theme about the new Weber® Briquettes – here you’ll get a series of briquette related stories and videos taking you from the creation and philosophy behind the new briquette to how you use it at home at your grill. Backyard hero status is ready for you to claim, courtesy of Weber®.
Conveniently order food ahead and avoid the wait at your favorite Jersey Mike's location! Authentic, affordable subs you can order on the web or in the user-friendly app! Sandwiches, wraps and more are all available for quick, hassle-free mobile & online ordering.The official Jersey Mike's app allows you to find and order from nearby restaurants in a quick and convenient way. Customize your meal, earn and redeem Shore Points™ for free subs, select a pickup time and your food is ready for pickup when you arrive at your local restaurant. You can skip to the front of the line, pickup your food, and go!Features: -Easily locate nearby Jersey Mike's restaurants that accept mobile and online ordering -Choose from the full menu -Pay & order ahead of time - Avoid lines! -Save your favorite meals for faster orders -Safe & secure payment options
BARCHICK - DISCOVER AND GET INTO THE BEST BARS“Not only reveals the world’s best bars, but you can instantly chat with a BarChick to get booked in - like having your very own concierge" easyJet Traveller The award-winning bar guide for drinkers across the world. BarChick plans your night out; you can chat to BarChick to get instant replies, awesome bar recommendations and then we’ll get you booked in. “Your boozy fairy godmother” VICE“Hands down the best place to find the coolest cocktails” The TelegraphWant to know about the best new openings? Got a hot date? Don’t have time to plan that party? Need somewhere slick to impress a client? In a new part of town or city and don’t know where to go?We’ve got this.KEY FEATURES:Curated bar discovery with all the latest openings Chat with BarChick anytime Immediate responses and personalised recommendations We’ll book you in, you just have to ask Awesome bar knowledge and insider tipsWHO IS BARCHICK AND WHY SHOULD I TRUST YOU?‘The team at BarChick always know where the best new bars are, what’s on trend and where the real fun is lurking.” Evening StandardBarChick only features the best places; our content is expertly curated and everywhere we’ll recommend is epic in its own way. It’s not just about fancy hotel bars selling fifty quid truffle Martinis, and it’s definitely not about your local Wetherspoons curry night. We love places with character, that have a story and that are ultimately the perfect place for what you’re looking for. DON’T BELIEVE US? CHECK THIS LOT OUT "BarChick stands out for putting in plenty of groundwork, picking its choices well and keeping up to date through a team of on the ground reviewers.” The Guardian“A revelation for the London drinking scene” Kobi L.“BarChick is like talking to a friend who just wants you to have the best time” Helene S.“App of the week” Grazia“My boozing PA” Christie T.“Best going out apps” City AM“Anyone else as obsessed with the BarChick app as we are?!” Cosmopolitan
Download and get the details. Tap the “Get” button to register, and you’ll get delicious food and delightful offers from your fingertips. And it’s as easy as bringing the app to a nearby participating McDonald’s. Order. Scan. Receive. Win. Win. Win.Awesome Features: - Get exclusive offers and redeem them right from the app - Send tastier texts with our NEW McDonald's Keyboard - Browse the menu and get nutrition information - Find your nearest McDonald’s restaurant locationLegal Stuff: Must be 13+. Data rates may apply. Prices and participation may vary. Offers available only at participating restaurants. Check for Terms and Conditions and more information. ©2016 McDonald’s
McDonald's app review: the official app
The iPhone application to "search" and "review" food locations in Vietnam and South East Asia, most of the provinces and cities in Vietnam or Indonesia such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Hai Phong Nha Trang, Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Surabaya ....With the clear classification in Restaurant, Cafe / Ice cream, Bakery, Bar / pub & Karaoke. Foody has thousands locations, Reviews, Photos, which helps you easily find where to enjoy.Main Features:FIND WHERE TO EAT Input your keywords for the purpose of eating, place name, category, area to search.SHARE & REVIEWS Easy to write a review, upload photos and share to communityPHOTOSHOOT & SHARE A tool is just like Instagram, you can Crop photo, rotate, multiple select photo ...ADD/SUGGEST NEW PLACE You can add a new place to FoodySend Feedback to us at:
Backed by over 60 years of grilling know-how, Weber takes grilling to the next level with connected technology. No more wondering if your food is done or when the perfect moment is to flip your steak. Weber's iGrill app provides quick, no hassle finger-tip access to timers, temperature monitoring, and the ability to share your perfect meal with the whole iGrill community. Products compatible with the Weber® iGrill® app: • iGrill mini • iGrill2 • Kitchen Thermometer • Kitchen Thermometer miniWeber® iGrill® App Features: • Easy in-app connection through Bluetooth® Smart • Convenient dashboard to track and manage all of your connected products
 simultaneously • Select from dozens of presets or create your own custom preset to ensure your dish is cooked perfectly • Custom settings let you name your device or probe and set the probe color indicator making keeping track of your devices simple • Share your cooking masterpiece socially through Facebook and Twitter • View what others are cooking with the real-time user globe • User driven app interface allows you to customize your experience • Access customer support resources
24 -- the world's largest calendar of wine, food, beer and spirit events -- has got you covered when it comes to finding local wine & food events.** Wine Enthusiast Magazine, which ranks us in their list of Top Eight Wine Apps, says, " offers a dizzying array of choices for wine lovers."**Our Wine Events App allows you to: - Easily find food & wine events taking place near you - Explore events in other cities while on-the-go - Discover special featured events - Find upcoming events just on the weekend - Save money with exclusive ticket deal offers - Check-in to events with one click - Share events with your friendsReal People. Real Events. Real Time. Start exploring Wine & Food events near you!
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Find Recipes. Plan Meals. Score Deals. Meet the most comprehensive recipe and grocery-deals app on the App Store.'s new app puts 500,000 rated and reviewed recipes in your pocket, plus gives you an organized recipe box, a meal-planning tool and instant access to savings at your local grocery storesAlready have a account? Simply log in with the same username to share your meal plan and shopping list across multiple devices. Getting dinner on the table just got a whole lot easier. With this app, you can:- BROWSE 500,000 RECIPES with millions of reviews from's 

extensive cooking community

 - SAVE RECIPES to your recipe box, which syncs with the website

 - BUILD A MENU that instantly populates your shopping list with ingredients

 - ORGANIZE YOUR MEAL PLAN by day, using a our simple calendar feature

 - CREATE MULTIPLE SHOPPING LISTS organized by department

 - SAVE MONEY with the ability to compare grocery deals from your local

grocery stores


REQUIREMENTS, including gluten free, vegetarian, low carb, low fat and

low sodium

 - IMPORT RECIPES from 30+ recipe sites across the Web

 - SEARCH with the “What’s in Your Fridge?” feature to find recipes that use ingredients

 you already have

 - ADD AND ORGANIZE your family's personal recipes




A&P, ACME, ALDI, Acme, Albertsons, Bashas' Diné Market, Bashas'

Supermarket, Bel Air, Big Y, Bloom, Bravo, Brookshire's, C-Town,

Central Market, City Market, Costco, Cub Foods, Dillons, Dominick's,

Farm Fresh, Food Basics, Food City, Food Lion, Food Town, Food4Less,

Foods Co, Fred Meyer, Fry's Food Stores, Genuardi's, Giant, Giant

Eagle, Giant Food, Giant Food Stores, Grand Union, Greenling, HEB,

Harris Teeter, Homeland, Hy-Vee, Jewel-Osco, King Soopers, Kings,

Kroger, Lucky, Market Basket, Marsh Supermarket, Martin's, Meijer, Met

Foodmarkets, Nob Hill Foods, Pathmark, Pavilions, Piggly Wiggly,

Publix, QFC, Raley's, Ralphs, Randalls, Reasor's, Safeway, Save Mart,

Save-A-Lot, Shaw's Supermarkets, ShopRite, Smith's, Sprouts, Stater

Bros, Stop & Shop, Sun Fresh, Super Stop and Shop, SuperTarget,

Superfresh, The Food Emporium, Tom Thumb, Vons, Waldbaums, Walmart,

Weis, Whole Foods, Winn-Dixie is part of the Scripps Networks Interactive portfolio, which 
also owns and operates Food Network, Cooking Channel, HGTV, DIY Network, Great American Country and Travel Channel.
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The classic white cup? Yep. A shark chomping a Frappuccino? Sure thing. A unicorn #sipface? Obvi. Send Starbucks stickers to your friends in a Messages thread, on message bubbles, or on top of photos.
Wouldn't it be great getting delicious and well rounded recipes every day of the week that go along with your WOD routine? Well that's exactly what you'll get with WOD Meal Plans! Most people who do WOD routines follow a Paleo diet. This is essentially eating foods the way nature intended. Food must be real, unprocessed and natural. So we've done the hard part and gathered delicious Paleo compliant recipes and put them into meal plans just for you. A healthy and balanced selection of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes right at your fingertips. This app is all you need to succeed on this diet. Ok so it won't actually make the recipes for you, but typically following Paleo requires the knowledge of what’s allowed or what’s not allowed, finding recipes that are Paleo and planning meals for the week ahead. With work, school, kids activities, and a social life to focus on, who's got time for all of this? Well, look no further because we've done it ALL for you! Not only that but every week you'll get a new meal plan hand-picked by us, just for you. There's even a shopping list for your convenience, plus the app has been designed to work great on both the iPhone and the iPad. There's nothing to lose because the app includes a free trial with dinner recipes for a week. If you choose to subscribe for just $2.99 a month you'll receive personally curated & balanced recipes every day of the week with an auto-renewable subscription plan. So make life easier and get the results you want with the WOD Meal Plan app today! And yes, we are a trusted developer following iTunes guidelines including the following: - Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase - Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period - Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal - Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase - No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period Privacy Policy & Terms of Use -
Fuss-free food delivered to your home or office. Download the free Just Eat app and order from local delivery and collection restaurants and takeaways. From Indian to Italian, burgers to burritos, find your flavour with Just Eat. Rooting around in cluttered drawers for paper takeaway menus is a thing of the past, and awkward phone orders have gone the way of video rental stores and tamagotchi. It’s never been easier to order a fresh, delicious meal, right on your iPhone or iPad. • Choose from a globe-spanning range of cuisines and explore tens of thousands of menus. Pizza to pad thai, healthy to hearty, fish and chips to falafel, steak to salad – we’ve got food for every mood. • Hungry for a bargain? Personalise your search results to find tasty discounts and exclusive money-saving offers. • Use your postcode or device’s location services to find local restaurants and takeaways close by and see them on a map. We can even help with handy directions if you’re picking your food up yourself. • Ordering is quick and easy. No more mumbled phone calls to busy restaurants. Loads of local menus at your fingertips. Clear out that old takeaway menu drawer and put it to a better use, like hiding biscuits. • Order with confidence thanks to millions of customer restaurant reviews and clear star ratings. • Searching for what you want is easy. Discover, list and filter by restaurant name, review score, star rating, distance, special offers, distance and cuisine type. • Pay by cash on delivery or collection, Apple Pay, or safely and securely by debit and credit card. • Follow your meal’s progress, from the restaurant receiving your order to the delivery driver ringing your doorbell. • Share your experience with other Just Eat customers. Review your meal and the restaurant service in a couple of taps. • Log in with your existing Just Eat account or create a new account in seconds. • Re-order your favourites in a flash from your order history. You can even save your card details and avoid endless fiddly forms. By downloading and using this app, you confirm that you accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy ( and Cookies Policy too ( NOTE: This app will only work properly in the United Kingdom. If you’re not of this sceptered isle, try it out when you next visit the Queen and enjoy a traditional British takeaway. We’ll have the large cod and chips, thanks.
***First Delivery Free in Select Markets with Apple Pay***THE ONLY APP FOR EVERY APPETITEAt DoorDash, we’re working to connect more businesses to more people. We want to shrink every city by bringing you food—faster, fresher, and from farther away. And we’re doing it everyday. From food quality to prep-times to traffic to weather, we’ve innovated a groundbreaking approach to delivery that factors in all the elements that come between you and your food. We’re breaking down the art of delivery to a perfect science – one order at a time.FOOD AT THE SPEED OF LIFE Whether you’re pulling up your favorite place or looking for a new local flavor, our app delivers in less than an hour.DELIGHT YOU CAN COUNT ON Our unique “Delight” score factors in food quality, delivery quality and popularity to give an accurate estimate of your delight. And every score evolves with each order, so the more you order, the better it gets. SORT BY YUM Sort by best overall experience, fastest delivery, or cheapest meal with our Delight, Speed, and Price filters. Or try our new cuisine icons to tap right into your craving.Currently serving a growing number of markets in the US and Canada including: Atlanta, Bellevue, Boston, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Minneapolis, Orange County, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Silicon Valley, St. Paul, Toronto, and Vancouver.Visit to learn more.
The best iPhone apps for food delivery
Life’s too short for bad meals so stop searching and start eating. For the best place every time, trust the voice of the people who know. Discover your new favorite restaurants using the Zagat iOS app.
Yes. You heard it right. Free.Over 8,500 Drink & Cocktail recipes at the tap of your fingertips. Now you know what bartenders are putting into your expensive drinks. Drink & Cocktail Recipes databases typically cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. We're giving it away to you for free.Features: * Add favorite drink recipes to your favorites list * Browse through all of the drinks easily through an indexed list * Use the search bar to easily find a specific recipe * Jump to a drink category and find related drinks * Or take a little risk and find yourself a random drink.
The best cocktail apps for iPhone and iPad
Conveniently order Domino’s from anywhere on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Build your pizza just the way you like it or choose one of our specialty pizzas. Add items from the rest of our oven-baked menu including chicken, pasta, sandwiches, bread, drinks and desserts. And with the Domino’s Tracker ® you can follow your order from the moment you place it until it’s out for delivery or ready for pickup!To install Domino’s for Apple Watch: After installing Domino’s for iPhone, open the Watch app on your iPhone, scroll down, and tap on the Domino’s entry. Make sure “Show App on Apple Watch” is enabled.Use the Domino’s app to order from locations in the United States, not including Puerto Rico. To place an order in Puerto Rico, visit¡Pide Domino’s en inglés o en español! Nuestra app se configura automáticamente con el idioma que has escogido para tu smartphone o tableta.Utiliza la applicación de Domino’s para ordenar en los Estados Unidos, no incluido Puerto Rico. Para ordernar en Puerto Rico, visita · Create a Pizza Profile to easily access to your saved info and recent orders (not required) · Order faster than ever by creating an Easy Order! · Sign up for Domino’s Piece of the Pie Rewards™ and earn points toward free pizza! · Pay with cash, credit card, debit card or Domino’s gift card · Use our voice ordering assistant, Dom, to add items to your cart and to select a coupon (iPhone only) · Connect with Ford Sync to track orders, or place an Easy Order or a Recent Order while on the go · Use Apple Watch or Pebble watch to track orders, or place an Easy Order or Recent Order right from your wrist! · Use Domino’s Tracker notifications to follow your order until it’s out for delivery or ready for pickup!
The best iPhone apps for food delivery