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Sick of seeing the same old tired apps in Apple’s rankings? Discover what others are discovering on appPicker! Our Top 100 rankings shows you what’s popular in each category over the last 7 days!
Simple and lightweight application that allows opening/closing/monitoring your home garage door or just about any other device that be can be relay controlled, such as: alarm systems, gates, gaz fireplaces, lamps, electric motors, etc. Let this application be the remote control to your home automation system.Supports the operation of any number of devices as well as an unlimited number of controllers. Multiple iPhones can control any of the devices. This is an ideal replacement to your original/lost remote control.See for compatibility details, more information and support.
What do you get when you combine the most popular drawing apps and the #1 hottest animation app? - Animation Creator! The only Animation app to reach the Top 10 Apps in the App Store and #1 in Entertainment! Create Awesome Animations any time on your iPhone or iPod touch!"An App Store Essential!" - Apple Share Animations on Cineverse*!After mastering Express, check out the full versions: Animation Creator & Animation Creator HD for iPad!Animation Creator allows your creativity to come to life. You are the director! Simple, yet powerful drawing tools such as professional brush styles, color palettes, layers, shake to undo, easy to use frame management and high Frame Rate*, there's no limits holding back your imagination!App Store Essentials: Painting & Drawing! #1 Paid Entertainment App! #10 Top Overall Paid Apps! Apple Staff Favorite! Apple Store Featured Display! App Store What's Hot!Animation Creator is great for stop-motion animation as well! Take a series of images, animate frame by frame, then share for free on Cineverse!Check out Animation Creator HD for iPad as well!Animation Creator Features: 1.9.0AC & Cineverse just got even better! • Now full Portrait & Landscape • More Resolution Options • Share Projects between AC & ACHD• New Categories in Cineverse! *** Creative & Messages ***• High Res. Retina Drawing • Frame rates up to 30fps! • Browse Cineverse* • Full iOS 6.0 Support • Full iPhone 5 Screen Support • Up to 3 animations (Express) • Up to 20 frame animations (Express) • Export projects to FULL version • Audio support • Export sequence to Photo Library • Beautiful, easy to use interface • New and superior frame mmgnt • Animation scrub tool • Full screen editing, no tools in the way • Smooth, quality drawing experience • 'Onion Skinning', overlay of previous/next frame • Layers with reordering (3 in Express) • Add image to any layer • Undo and Redo (unlimited) • Paint brush, many brush stokes • Ink Pen tool, with adjustable ink • Pencil, with realistic tapering • Eraser • Line • Rectangle • Line • Circle • Dropper Tool • Spray Can Tool • Flood fill, with tolerance • Select/Cut/Copy/Paste/Scale • Frame positioning • Frame rotation • Color selection palettes • Color selection sliders • Zooming and panning • Photo library or camera Backgrounds • Add, delete and copy frames • Quick menu system • On the fly frame rate adjust • Upload to YouTube • Share on Twitter • Share on Facebook • 30fps for iPhone 4+ • Up to 24fps on Prior Devices* Cineverse is a cloud-based photo & video social site where users freely share and enjoy creative content with others around the world. Right to access Cineverse is offered only to registered iTunes users who are of appropriate age under applicable law in their territory, please contact miSoft or iTunes support with questions.Please Consider: This Free app is supported by in-app Ads provided by the iAd and AdMob mobile Ad networks as well as in-house Ads for our other apps.Our Free apps are intended to represent Wholesome Family Entertainment. We use no in-app purchase content, no 3rd Party data collection or location tracking systems, and advertiser settings attempt to filter out objectionable Ad Content! While we are not aware of 3rd party collection of device, location or other information, we can not control the Advertiser Networks or Content. Some Ads may take Users to outside Internet sites as directed by Ads or solicit the purchase of other apps, and networks may change Ad Policies. Please see Advertiser Network publications for Advertising information and guidelines. Please review your device Settings App in the Privacy and General/Restrictions areas to confirm your viewing preferences and password settings for purchases of advertised Apps as well your Parental Control settings on your choice of Device Browser.All Data & Info ©, ™, ® 2008/2015 miSoft, LLC.
Draw to measure distance along the map, made easy with this app.Usage: By simply touching. Draw a route on the map to find its distance. Magnifier will help you make precise drawing and measurement.- Press "Measure" button to switch to "Move" mode. So you can move the map to somewhere else.- Press "Unit" button to change display units.- Press "Share" button to export result (with screenshot) to Twitter, Camera roll, Email, and much more.- Press “Search” button to search for desired location. Please type in coordinates value, or search location by name of place, city, state, or country.Note: Distance is calculate based on the earth curvature.
The best distance mapping apps for iPhone and iPad
Lenny is spreading! Download or update today and have fun with our all new iMessage Sticker Pack! Only on iOS 10! (๑^◡^๑)-----Tired of your job? You argue too much with your wife/husband/dog/self? School is so boring you started to lose your mind? Fear not - this app won't help you solve any of these problems. Instead, you can use a cool lenny face while being sarcastic and describing ups and downs of life to your friend. Or enemy. We have faces for enemies too. (•_•)To be more precise, we have around 5000 faces at your command. You summon them from other dimensions with the use of ancient, forbidden black magic by sacrificing a goat... Or it is just a lottery with unicode character symbols specified by a programistic code, how the hell would we know, we just published the damn thing for money. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Anyway, long story short: Lenny Keyboard is a simple generator of faces made with unicode. You have three basic faces and a whole bunch of options to design your own, unique face that will bring comfort, joy, excitemenent, thrill, laughter, beauty, berries, wonder, adventure and fullfilment into your life. Or not. (ʘ_ʘ)Main features: • Shrug the hell out of your conversations. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ • Molest your friends with this sexy devil. (ง*▾*)ง • Spend more time inventing a new face than at the beginning of an RPG game. • Create a monstrosity that only you will find appealing or barely understandable. ʕ■‸■ʔ • Lose all your friends by spamming them with hundreds of faces. • Only on iOS 10... Extraordinary iMessage Sticker Pack! • Don't use Lenny. Don't play Lenny. BE THE LENNY.